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Jul 24, 2006

In this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks more about learning from mushroom trips, home made belnder hash, Californian Cannabis Clubs, and discusses the figures which suggest that middle class kids smoke more Cannabis, why Cannabis leads to heroin use (for rats anyway), Maastricht Mayor Geerd Leers and his new pragmatic approach to Cannabis, and the British hemp field being raided by teenagers!

Playlist: Smoke City - Underwater Love; Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl(Spanish Version); King Tubby's Meets Scientist - Mystic Dub; Cypress Hill ft. Damian Marley - Ganja Bus; Keith Rowe - Groovy Situation; Mylo - Emotion 98.6; Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers(Richard Dorfmeister Remix)

almost eighteen years ago

Hi dopefiend,

Loving the shows you are putting out. In regard to the blender hash video that High Times put out, I tried it and it works GREAT!
It is so easy to make. Just put a bud in the freezer for a while, I left mine overnight, then put a blender in the freezer for 30 minutes or so to get it nice and cold. Crumble the bud into the blender, and give it a few short blasts. The tricomes stick to the side of the blender and the vegetable matter remains loose in the bottom, just tip it out. Then remove the bottom of the blender and bang it on a hard smooth surface and the tricomes come out. Scrape any remaining tricomes out with a finger and you can squeeze the tricomes with your fingers to make a little block.
Smoke and enjoy! I’d take some to work and eating a little about 3 or 4 pm. By the time I got home I was blasted! A couple of times forgot I\'d eaten it and had to go to an unexpected meeting or event and I\'d suddenly find myself very stoned. Somehow I managed to hold it together.
I’m on my third week of owning the Volcano and I have to say if you are not vaporizing you are missing something AMAZING. It really is a great and economical way of smoking. I know the Volcano seems expensive but you get so much more blasted on less that you will use far less weed and save money. I think that the device will pay for itself in about 2 years plus you get the health benefits. If you are thinking about getting a Volcano my advice is to go ahead and get one, I wish I’d gotten mine years ago. And if you click on the link at the top of the dopfiend home page you help out the podcast too.