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Jul 31, 2006

In this special Dopecast LIVE from Italy, the Dopefiend is joined by Kloidus to talk about the change in Italy's Cannabis laws and the legacy of ex-Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, discusses street dealers, hash in the UK and the pros and cons of oral cannabis, and revisits DXM. Plus, there's news of the newest addition to the Dopefiend Podcast Network! Email

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Playlist: Lemon Jelly - In the Bath; Air - La Femme d'Argent; Royksopp - Sparks; King Tubby - Turntable Dub; Chris- Side of the Liver; London Funk Allstars - Knee Deep In Beats; The Heptones and Lee Perry - Why; David Holmes - Gone (Kruder and Dorfmeister Remix)
almost fourteen years ago

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Max Freakout
almost eighteen years ago

Bob Marley died of skin cancer that started in his toe, nothing to do with his vast weed intake i dont think

Growing mushrooms is a CINCH if you buy pre-sterilised bags of rye grain, loads of places sell them (Deva ethnobotanicals and microscience among others)and get some spore syringes of psilocybe cubensis spores, which are legal ALMOST everywhere in the world as they contain no psilocybin, inject the spore syringe into the grain bag in a very sterile environment (homemade gloveboxes are cheap and easy to make and VERY sterile, perfect for mushies) and within a few weeks you have a bag full of magic fungus mycelium, add a casing layer on top of the mycelium, and a few weeks later it starts fruiting, and you\'ll have more mushrooms than you can GIVE away!!!