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Aug 5, 2013

On this month's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend takes to the launch party at the new UK Skunkworks headshop on Holloway Road in North London where he chats to London Cannabis Club boss Orson and club member Spyder about the exciting new developments in the world of portable vaporizers, taking the opportunity to road-test the sleek new Inhalater XP and the groundbreaking forced-air portable the PUFFiT-X. After announcing the birth of the new Vapefiend Facebook and YouTube channels, the new home for all the Dopefiend's in-depth vaporizer news and reviews, the Dopefiend transports us back to #dfUSA2013, and his arrival in Colorado, where he and MangledMe meet medical dispensary owner Shaun Gindi, of Compassionate Pain Management, who talks about his journey as a pioneer of the legal cannabis industry in  Colorado, explains how he has had to adapt to fit in with ever-changing regulations, including the recent legalization of cannabis for non-medical patients, what that means for his business and the industry in general, and his concerns about whether it can cope with the inevitable influx of new customers. Shaun talks about why many involved in the industry, including him at first, were against full legalization in Colorado, and also talks about the still ongoing debates about the levels of taxation for legal cannabis, and the legal limits for drivers who use cannabis. The conversation goes on to cover the new influx of people who are now able to access cannabis without fear for the first time thanks to its legalization in Colorado, as well as the obstacles that Shaun and his company have faced, from the Red Cross rejecting his donations, to banks refusing his business. Finally Shaun talks about his feelings as a representative of a new hope for the worldwide legalization movement. Next, the Dopefiend and Me take a tour around one of Shaun's facilities, the Lakewood branch of Compassionate Pain Management, where greeter Alex explains what happens when patients arrive at the center, before budtender Grant talks about his role and the various flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals on offer. Grant also give his thoughts on the recent legalization of cannabis in Colorado, as well as on how he feels the business will change when medical recommendations are no longer necessary. After a brief musical interlude from Pepe, with backing vocals by the Dopefiend and Me, the Dopefiend and Me relocate to Me's backyard in Northern Colorado, where local DopeTribers Cottonwood Joe and Carlos are settling in for an afternoon session in the sunshine. Cottonwood Joe shares his first legal harvest, and talks about what it's like to suddenly have the freedom to grow his own cannabis, and how many people are taking the opportunity to do exactly the same. He, Me and Carlos then give their views about whether the atmosphere in Colorado is changing since the law changed, before Carlos talks about the journey that led from a desperate need for effective medicine, to his decision to become a grower, being busted in Florida, and eventually discovering the Dopecast and finally moving to Colorado so that he could legally medicate. Carlos talks about how his monstrous tolerance has led him to be forced to use very high-potency extracts, and explains that he doesn't feel vaporizers are capable of delivering the strength that he needs. The gathered DopeTribers then turn their attention to the Arizer Extreme Q, which occupies prime position between them. They talk about how it stacks up against other vaporizers, it's surprising performance, especially in terms of flavour, and even get a chance to test how it handles hash, which bubbles up nicely in the all-glass herb chamber. As Carlos heads off to spend the rest of his anniversary with his wife, the Dopefiend, Me and Cottonwood Joe vape the rest of the day away. Finally, back at UK Skunkworks in Holloway, the Dopefiend grabs a quick word with Charlotte, Max and Eugene, the brains behind the UK Skunkworks operation, about how their vision is based on combining business sense with their hope to see cannabis legalized in the UK. Next month: the Dopefiend and Me hit hippie festival Apogaea in the next stop on #dfUSA2013! Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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