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Aug 28, 2006

In this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, The Dopefiend talks about Cannabis as an aphrodisiac, the dangers of smoking foil pipes and the current UK weed drought. He also rounds up the latest Cannabis News, inlcuding the religion which claims Cannabis is its sacrament, the harsh penalties for Somalian Smokers, and the worrying moves by the state of Ohio. Email, leave a comment, or Skype City, Arizona- And don't forget to check out the forums at

Playlist: Nitin Sawhney - Saudades; Cinematic Orchestra - Reel Life(Evolution II); Brenda Fassie - Memeza; Queen Omega - Ganja Baby; Voices of Kwahn AD - Return Journey; Miles Davis - He Loved Him Madly (Bill Laswell Mix); Karunesh - Alibaba

almost fourteen years ago

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almost eighteen years ago

Love listening to the DC, have done for a few months now. Heard you say that nobody had bought a volcano via the website ? Have been considering buying one myself, maybe from the How though ? the link on your site, doesn\'t work !

almost eighteen years ago

Hey DF, I have been listening to your Podcast for the last few weeks. I download every new episode and regularly fill my MP3 player with a variety of shows to listen to while I am working.
I run a free seed website, which distributes legal ethnobotanical seeds. Things like Datura, Morning Glory, Syrian Rue, San Pedro, Papaver somniferum, and the like.
I am also a moderator at
A website dedicated to delivering accurate information on mainly magic mushroom growing, but also all other aspects of mycology, botanicals, and the counter culture.

I really love the job you are doing and greatly appreciate the information you are trying to share. Keep it up, keep safe, and most of all \"KNOW THYSELF\".

Max Freakout
almost eighteen years ago

Me and P-body are getting our volcano from UPS later today!! We ordered it via the website so there\'s at least one customer through there, i even emailed them pointing out that i\'d ordered it from

Another great podcast, i just wrote a very long anecdote about \'growing weed everywhere\' on the dopefiend forum, but lost the whole thing when i tried to post it, there is something very annoying about the HTML on that website....