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Jan 29, 2007

The Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator is joined via satellite by Queerninja and Lefty for an extra special 60th episode Dopecast to talk about favoured methods of smoking, the continuing British Grit Weed crisis, the good news about THC4MS, the secret move made by British police on behalf of stoners, and we name the mystery weed! Email, leave a comment, join in the fun in the chatroom, and will you still Skype me when I'm 64?

Playlist: Lyrics Born - Knock Knock; Lu Horta - Fiorina; Spirit Nation - Spirit Medicine; Bill King's Saturday Nite Fish Fry - Friday Fish Fry; Lancaster e Flavio Naves - Itmara; Surreal & the Sound Providers - True Indeed; Russell Malone - He Said What?; Ro Fonseca - Do Espelho; Air - Once Upon A Time; Lazybatusu - 8:00AM; Quantic - Time Is The Enemy


Download "Knock Knock" (mp3)
from "Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born Live!"
by Lyrics Born
Quannum Projects


Download "Fiorina" (mp3)
from "Tratore Basics 3: New Brazilian Songwriting"
by Various Artists

Download "Spirit Medicine" (mp3)
from "Winter Moons"
by Spirit Nation
Ultraviolet Productions

Download "Friday Fish Fry" (mp3)
from "Jump, Shout - Rock Da House"
by Bill King's Saturday Nite Fish Fry
7 Arts Entertainment


Download "Itamara" (mp3)
from "Tratore Basics 4: Brazilian Songs without Words"
by Various Artists


Download "True Indeed" (mp3)
from "True Indeed"
by Surreal & The Sound Providers
Quarternote/ABB Records

Download "He Said What?" (mp3)
from "Live at Jazz Standard Volume One"
by Russell Malone

Download "Do espelho" (mp3)
from "Tratore Basics 4: Brazilian Songs without Words"
by Various Artists

Podcast image sent in by Francois. Send us your pics at
over fourteen years ago

rs power leveling,Have become a golden color general!

seventeen and a half years ago

Yo, Dopefiend!!! Great show, nice to hear that Lefty aint dead.

So DF, I went to check the mail today, and sure enough there was a white, padded envelope sittin in my mailbox. I wasnt sure what it was at first, but once i seen the labeling, i knew that i had already seen this package before!!

Thats because you already sent me one Volcano grinder!! I donated a little cash for that one, but i guess you were just completely stoned when you were addressing that envelope, cause i havent donated again. But, I guess i need to now huh!!

seventeen and a half years ago

Awesome show dude! I really had a great time hanging out with you guys!

almost sixteen years ago

it was so fun hearing all 3 of you together in this episode!