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Feb 19, 2007

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week, Dopefiend, our Sativa Sage, talks about the wave of anti-smoking legislation which has put the kibosh on Cannabis Cafes at least in the UK, discusses home mushroom growing, touches on the horrific destruction of South American ecosystems at the hands of the US government, LSD flashbacks, goes into some feedback on last week's cannabutter experiment, brings news of how the schizophrenic cannabis legislation in the USA is breaking up families, how skinning up in advance can get you up on a felony dealing charge, the possible relaxation of research restrictions on medical marijuana, more on grit weed, and reports of strichnine in British hash, and a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of some big news for Email, leave a comment, check out the forum, and drop by the chatroom.

B recommended
and while we're at it, here's that Sacred Weeds documentary on Salvia featuring SageWisdom's Daniel Siebert

Bobby Previte - Airstrip One; Master P - Shake Yours; Scenes - Lonely Blue Angel; Charlie Hunter Trio - Cueball Bobbin'; Sublime - What I Got; Jneiro Jarel - Big Bounce Theory; King Britt - Let's Make A Record; Campbell Brothers - A Change Is Gonna Come; Ben Thomas - Once Sprung; Kottonmouth Kings feat. D-Loc, Daddy X and Richter - Gone Git High; Clay Giberson - Incompatibility; Critters Buggin - Hojo


Download "Airstrip One" (mp3)
from "The Coalition Of The Willing"
by Bobby Previte
Ropeadope Records


Download "Shake Yours" (mp3)
from "America's Most Luved Bad Guy"
by Master P
UrbanDigital Records

Download "Lonely Blue Angel" (mp3)
from "Along The Way"
by Scenes
Origin Records

Download "Cueball Bobbin'" (mp3)
from "Copperopolis"
by Charlie Hunter Trio
Ropeadope Records

Download "Big Bounce Theory" (mp3)
from "Three Piece Puzzle"
by Jneiro Jarel
Ropeadope Records


Download "Let's Make a Record" (mp3)
from "King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan"
by king britt
Ropeadope Records


Download "A Change Is Gonna Come" (mp3)
from "Can You Feel It?"
by Campbell Brothers
Ropeadope Records

Download "Once Sprung" (mp3)
from "The Madman's Difference"
by Ben Thomas
Origin Records

Download "Gone Git High" (mp3)
from "Hidden Stash III"
by Kottonmouth Kings
Suburban Noize Records

Download "Incompatibility" (mp3)
from "Modern Jazz: A Collection Of Seattle's Finest Jazz"
by Various Artists
Origin Records

Download "Hojo" (mp3)
from "Stampede"
by Critters Buggin
Ropeadope Records

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With all this grit weed going around and dodgey hash is there any other way to test it apart from looking at your stuff and trying to guess whats been used to adulterate it.