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Feb 26, 2007

This week on the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about how to hide your attic grow from the eye in the sky, how best to keep your ganja fresh and fruity, listener reviews of the Silver Surfer, Vapolution and HerbalAire vaporizers, as well as more on the mighty Volcano, the worrying new anti-herb direction of the Danish government, our correspondent KMO talks to Lenny Freiling, the Lafayette judge who quit rather than fine stoners, news of the sad death of cannabis campaigner Ken Gorman, and some very exciting news for those coming to Dopestock 2007! Email, leave a comment, check the forum for the official Dopestock thread, and drop by the chatroom and say hello to your fellow dopefriends.

Mykey recommended the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

FunkyMarque recommended the HerbalAire

Middle Aged Toker recommended the Vapolution

X-Clan - Weapon X; Jneiro Jarel - Do Yo Thang; Dj Klock - Theme; Ben Thomas - Melicatu; Campbell Brothers - Frammin'; The Ramblers - Concrete; Kottonmouth Kings feat. D-Loc and Johnny Richter - Hidden Stash; Guy Schwartz and the New Jack Hippies - 420 (; Christian McBride - Technicolor Nightmare; T.J. Kirk - Get On The Good Foot/Rock Hard in a Funky Place; Bobby Previte - The Ministry of Truth


Download "Weapon X" (mp3)
from "Return From Mecca"
by X-Clan
Suburban Noize Records


Download "Do Yo Thang" (mp3)
from "Three Piece Puzzle"
by Jneiro Jarel
Ropeadope Records

Download "Theme" (mp3)
from "San"
by Dj Klock
Ropeadope Records

Download "Melicatu" (mp3)
from "The Madman's Difference"
by Ben Thomas
Origin Records

Download "Frammin'" (mp3)
from "Can You Feel It?"
by Campbell Brothers
Ropeadope Records


Download "Concrete" (mp3)
from "Form One Planet"
by The Ramblers
Blue Pie Productions


Download "Hidden Stash" (mp3)
from "Hidden Stash III"
by Kottonmouth Kings
Suburban Noize Records

Download "Technicolor Nightmare" (mp3)
from "Live At Tonic"
by Christian McBride
Ropeadope Records

Download "Get On The Good Foot/Rock Hard in a Funky Place" (mp3)
from "Talking Only Makes it Worse"
by T.J. Kirk
Ropeadope Records

Download "The Ministry Of Truth" (mp3)
from "The Coalition Of The Willing"
by Bobby Previte
Ropeadope Records

Podcast image supplied by FunkyMarque: Hashberry from Mandala Seeds (seeds available here). Send your pics in to

over seventeen years ago

Vaporizing has been an area of interest to me since I first heard about it. The minimizing of ash and plant matter intake is an ideal way to consume the herb. I\'d love to see a serious study done about how much of a medical benefit can be had by choosing a vape over smoking.

Which brings up another topic:
You mentioned briefly the common practice (in the UK especially) of mixing tobacco with herb. It got me thinking: How many studies and research projects might have been tainted because there was no accounting for potential tobacco use? This being either separately (with cigarettes) or mixed in with herb.

It\'s really interesting just how little we know about a plant that mankind has been using virtually since the dawn of time. It\'s a terrible shame that my own government actually denies credible institutions and organizations the right to do research on our herb. Perhaps they are afraid they\'ll legitimize it and take away what weakening bulwarks they have against legalization.