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Mar 26, 2007

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week, the Dopefiend talks a bit about the super-potent THC paste Budder, more on whether THC can be released when exercising, the dangers of ordering from Mail Order Marijuana providers, growing in a one-bed apartment, what temperature is best for vaping, a bit about the Gravity Vortex bong, how to smoke indoors without any smell, the practice of smoking tobacco with weed, the sad news that Granny Pat faces eviction, the weed smugglers who hid their bud in an ambulance, and the minister who dishes out ganja at mass. Email, leave your comment below, check out the forum, and come say hi in the Chatroom.

Timp's stealthy smoking device:

Playlist: The Art Of Fact - The Radio; Sun Ra - Outer Nothingness; Krome - Zim Zim; 2Bit - Tone Treatment; Milo Sheff - Harsh 4 Life; Cheb i Sabbah - Toura Toura: The Medina Remix; Meanest Man Contest - I Was Only Kidding; Deep Thinkers feat. Approach - Movin' On; Autolect - The Differance; Dub Syndicate - Geoffrey Boycott; Nalu - dream2dream


Download "The Radio" (mp3)
from "Scene Two"
by The Art Of Fact


Download "Outer Nothingness" (mp3)
from "Heliocentric Worlds Volumes 1 & 2"
by Sun Ra
ESP Disk

Download "Zim Zim" (mp3)
from ""Sting""
by Krome

Download "Tone Treatment" (mp3)
from "Return To The Inbox"
by 2Bit
Invisible Agent Records

More On This Album

Download "Harsh 4 Life" (mp3)
from "Shapeshifter"
by Milo Sheff
Morales Records


Download "Toura Toura: The Medina Remix" (mp3)
from "La Ghriba: La Kahena Remixed"
by Cheb i Sabbah
Six Degrees Travel Series


Download "I Was Only Kidding" (mp3)
from "Split"
by Meanest Man Contest

Download "Movin' On" (mp3)
from "Necks Move"
by Deep Thinkers
Coup de Grace

Download "The Differance" (mp3)
from "The Man That Fell To Earth"
by Autolect

Podcast Image: Giant Bean. Send yours pics in to