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Apr 23, 2007

In the first of two phenomenal podcasts recorded LIVE in Amsterdam at our first Dopestock event, The Dopefiend is joined by a cast of thousands, among them legends like John Sinclair, heroes like Lorna Clay of the Cannabis College, and superstars like Lefty, The Toker and Black Beauty. We take you on a tour of the Cannabis College's legal Cannabis garden, talk to John Sinclair about the release of a shiny new edition of his seminal work Guitar Army, and shoot the breeze with the likes of Bashful Daisy, Samwise Ganja, The Salvia Kid, Cannaya, Bima, JonnyB, Floydhead and many more. Spark up a doobie, close your eyes, and imagine yourself in the spring sunshine of Amsterdam. Email, leave a comment, check out the forum, Skype us your thoughts, and discuss it all day long in the Chatroom.

The Cannabis College is here:
The Greenhous Coffeeshop is here:
John Sinclair can be found here:

And his book,Guitar Army: Rock and Revolution with the MC5 and the White Panther Party, newly reissued, is available to buy here

Playlist: Canibus - Get Retarded; Kottonmouth Kings - Coffee Shop

chemical brother
over seventeen years ago

Another cracking show dopefiend, keep up the good work

over seventeen years ago

Yeah dopefiend more Canibus. :D I Love the UB40 in the background towards the end. So sad I couldn\\\'t be there :(