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Apr 30, 2007

In the second of our live podcasts from the Capital City of Cannabis, The Dopefiend and the Toker hit Barney's for some breakfast, stroll along to have a couple of bags of vape in Amnesia, and round of the day at the Greenhouse, all the while discussing the success of Dopestock, hash cake adventures, rolling lessons, favourite strains, the deadly power of Nightshade in the Volcano, where the future lies for the Toker on, and finally talk Salvia with The Salvia Kid, cellulose papers with Samwise Ganja, and 420 fun with BlackBeauty. Email, leave a comment, drop by the forum, and chat as if you're in the dam at the Chatroom

Barney's Coffeeshop is here:
Amnesia is here:
The Greenhouse Coffeeshop is here:

Playlist: Ratatat - We Gon' Ride; The Salvia Kid - Ooh These Mushies Are a Bit Whoo. Beatboxing by Samwise Ganja