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May 28, 2007

On this week's edition of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend discusses how we can get involved in the legalization movement at an individual level, the powerful but dangerous effects of alcohol residue on your pipes or vaporizers, Dan Rather and his support of Medical Marijuana initiatives, more on the relationship between hops and Cannabis, and how you can grow bud by grafting it onto hops, the "Spice" herbal smoking mixture and whether it really has any effect at all, how drug testing is forcing the Cannabis community to turn to the internet for smoking buddies, and an amazing story of stoner karma from Scared Straight, more on the e-Gold, e-Bullion and Mail Order Marijuana palaver and where we all stand now, a request for comedy DVD recommendations and a few suggestions, Salvia Divinorum cuttings and why it's the perfect houseplant, and a call for artistic contributions from you! In This week's Cannabis News, Connecticut inches towards legitimized Medicinal Marijuana, why Hershey's are pissed at the man who created "Keef Kats", the Jack In The Box ad which has got prohibitionists hot and bothered, the new drug which blocks Cannabis Addiction, an interesting new specimen on display at London's Chelsea Flower Show, and a special Birthday Greeting. Email and send us your podcast images to, leave a comment, check out the forum and chatroom and why not Skype us!

The Jack In The Box commercial is here:

Playlist: Ranking Dread - Lots Of Loving; Autolect - So International (punkas remix); Dave Hole - I'll Get To You; Mannish Boys - Gotta Move; Four80East - The Drop; Wally Shnalle Quintet - 181 North 1st; Irakere - Bacalao Con Pan; DJ Logic - Bubblehouse; Kalistarz - Feedback; SIAFU - Revolutionary Stance; Jim Stafford - Wild Wood Weed; J. Dorsey Blues Band - Got To Have You Baby; Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker - Summer (The Sweet Goodbye)


Download "Lots Of Loving" (mp3)
from "Lots of Loving"
by Ranking Dread
Azra Music Publishing

Download "So International" (mp3)
from "Think Drink"
by Autolect

Download "I'll Get To You" (mp3)
from "Rough Diamond"
by Dave Hole
Blind Pig Records

Download "Gotta Move" (mp3)
from "Big Plans"
by The Mannish Boys

Download "The Drop" (mp3)
from "En Route"
by Four80East
Native Language Music

Download "181 North 1st" (mp3)
from "Why Do They Call You That?"
by Wally Schnalle Quintet

More On This Album


Download "Bacalao Con Pan" (mp3)
from "Si, Para Usted - The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba Vol. 1"
by Irakere
Waxing Deep / Light in the Attic


More On This Album

Download "Bubblehouse" (mp3)
from "Project Logic Live at Wetlands, NYC"
Ropeadope Digital

Download "Feedback" (mp3)
from "Snoop Presents: You In My Space Vol. 2"
by Kalistarz
Get Low Digital

Download "Revolutionary Stance" (mp3)
from "Morning of the Conquest"
by SIAFU (Infinito 2017 and Thaione Davis)
Nephew of Frank Records

Download "Revolutionary Stance" (mp3)
from "Morning of the Conquest"
by SIAFU (Infinito 2017 and Thaione Davis)
Nephew of Frank Records

Download "Summer (The Sweet Goodbye)" (mp3)
from "Get Ready"
by Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker
Mack Avenue Records

Podcast Image: Vivid Salvia Trip image by Willie C. "The red is another world that i can see in to whilst still being  here, I would sometimes manage to get in to this world but don't remember being there. Both pics were different experiences, the first one i jumped in to a shallow pond splashed around and broke my phone, oops. Hope you enjoy this simple but crazy art. Cheers dopefiend, keep it up. Willie C." Send your pics in to

almost seventeen years ago

dopefiend, is there a link for that jack in the box commercial?

almost seventeen years ago

Sure is ronoc- see above

almost seventeen years ago

Black Books rocks! I really enjoy Dylan Moran\\\'s comedy but always wonder what he\\\'d be like if he just smoked a spliff on the show instead of chugging down endless coffees and cigarettes! Then again, we may not have a show!

Oh loved the show Dopefiend - and Scared Straight - you\\\'re my hero :) :) :) *muah*

almost seventeen years ago

Great show!
Here is a tip for lad who liked brit com.
Black books!