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Jun 25, 2007

In a special Dopecast partially live from the scenic surroundings of the Port Vell in Beautiful Barcelona, the Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator tells what makes Barcelona an ideal stoner location and re-lives some favourite memories of the city while smoking some very tasty Moroccan pollen, then jets back to the Dope Den for the first in a very special new monthly feature on seeds with the Seedsman, whose first selection is the beginner grower's dream, Lowryder. In this week's Cannabis News: the 15-year-old schoolboy suspended after saying that Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol, some interesting news on roadside police searches in the United States, and how a new ruling will affect passengers of cars stopped by police, and the Scottish Police Chief who found an excellent home for confiscated grow equipment: the chools, hospitals and farms of Malawi. Apologies to you emailers and Skypers, normal service will resume next week! In the meantime, check out the Chatroom and the Forum.

Uncle Weed's podcast with the Dopefiend and Max Freakout can be found here: Choogle On 38

You can check out the Seedsman site, and get a 5% discount, by clicking on the banner above. US customers can buy the same seeds from (The site is Italian, but they do ship to the US).

Playlist: Mefe - No Nos Quieren; Betty Davis - He Was A Big Freak; Soul:ID - Believe; Birdy Nam Nam - Violons (Part 2); Sara Gazarek - Without You


Download "He Was a Big Freak" (mp3)
from "They Say I'm Different"
by Betty Davis
Light In The Attic


Download "Believe" (mp3)
from "Believe"
by Soul: ID
ABB Records

More On This Album


Download "Violons (Part 2)" (mp3)
from "Birdy Nam Nam Live"
by Birdy Nam Nam


Download "Without You" (mp3)
from "Return To You"
by Sara Gazarek
Native Language Music

over seventeen years ago

hey df, great show... nice story, i wonder if you remember telling it in either the 2nd or 3rd podcast or so? haha, good story again tho, gotta run to work, cheers mate


over seventeen years ago

haha, i apologize as i said i was running to work and listening to it via ipod and didnt hear you recall telling the story till after i had posted the comment...oops! haha, great show again ( having fully finished now ). Cheers. dw

Uncle Weed
over seventeen years ago

Hey Speed-walker! Totally dug the Catalan show - with you out and about \'on the hoof,\' almost sounded like a Choogle on with the Dopefiend! Just add a poutine lady talking crazysmack and you\'re there.

Your missive brought back lots of memories of stumbling around Gaudi\'s crazy buildings, dripping like melting rocks into endless fonts of whacked creativty and impossible construction, and then heading over to Picasso\'s museum and seeing the deconstruction of form and successive reinventions of technique, then eating amazing gelato ... crazy place that Barcelona.

And yes, the Brighton Beach show was edited and released far quicker than my usual galacial pace. In fact the Uncle Weed sweatshop has been a juggernaut of late putting out shows from San Jose, NYC, Vancouver, Pe Ell and UK in rapid succession - with dozens (really) more lined up - ageing like tasty wines including Camden hi-jinks with Max Freakout, interview with the author of Hemp for Victory and insomniatic wanderings over London\'s rainy bridges.

Staying stoned as per your advice ;-).