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Jul 30, 2007

On this week's extra-special feature length episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend conducts the FIRST EVER in-depth investigation into the new Volcano DIGIT digital vaporizer. The Dopefiend is joined by Michael Schwartz from Storz and Bickel, the machine's manufacturers, to discuss the new model, its features and the thinking behind its creation, and also gets answers to a stack of listener questions about both Volcano models, including why it's so expensive and whether there will ever be a cheaper version or a portable version, the aim to have it recognized as a medical grade machine, how vaporizers may save Amsterdam's coffeeshops in the face of the smoking ban, the importance for medical users of a more consistent and accurate temperature control, how the temperature control compares to other digital vaporizers, the aluminium alloy heating element and whether it's safe, some questions on vapor-leakage from the bags, how to tell when the weed is out-vaped, the new Easy-Valve system, how to combat dry or sore throats caused by vaporizing, how long it's safe to leave the Volcano switched on, and whether that elusive pocket-sized vaporizer will ever come. Then, the Dopefiend relocates to the VaporLounge to be joined by The Toker and Max Freakout for an in-depth trial and comparison of the Volcano Classic and the Volcano DIGIT, comparing fan speed, noise level, ease of use of both valve systems, density of vapor from both units, and the consistency of both temperature controls, as well as some discussion on the Swiss Cannabis scene. Finally, in the Cannabis News this week, why Washington is determined to keep on bullying medical marijuana states into submission, a factless study on Cannabis Psychosis out of Zurich, the news that the UK government is launching its biggest ever public consultation on drugs, and the sad demise of Dallas's biggest ever Cannabis grow-op. Email, leave your comments, Skype my face, check out the Chatroom and our ULTIMATE Volcano DIGIT Review thread on the Forum.

Download this episode here:

Click here to get your hands on a Volcano Vaporizer.

UPDATE: The fan on the Volcano Classic was upgraded to the same model as on the Volcano DIGIT at the end of 2006. Newer Volcano Classic units therefore have the same higher-performance fan as the Volcano DIGIT.

The day after we recorded this podcast, we re-ran the heat-up time comparison, and this time the Volcano DIGIT came out on top, reaching 184 degrees a couple of seconds before the Volcano Classic.

Playlist: Blue Scholars - Fire for the People; G&F Records - High Life; Jodie Borlé - Stumble With Me; JT The Bigga Figga - Independent In The Game; Tangled Thoughts - Don't Ask Me; Kowald/Masaoka/Robair - View Twenty-One; Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Complicated Life; Ranking Dread - Lots Of Loving; Frank Et Ses Potes - Ma Jolie; DJ Alibi - Let's Ride; Easy Star All-Stars - Money; Wingin' It - Love Me Like You Do; Eldorad Red - Soldier Till The End; Rico Pabón - I Am Resistance; Boe Skaggz & Tae Natti - Half-A-Brik; The Shook/Russo Trio - Sweet Begonia; Floyd The Locsmif ft John Robinson - Always Bless; Aloe Blacc and Kero One - With My Friends; Cryout - Carnival; Grand Analog - I'll Walk Alone; Ghetto - Stage Show Don; The Tony Evans Band - The Look Of Love


Download "Fire for the People" (mp3)
from "Bayani"
by Blue Scholars
Rawkus Records LLC

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Download "High Life" (mp3)
from "G & F Records Presents: Our Musical Journey"
by G & F Records
G & F Records LLC

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Download "Stumble With Me" (mp3)
from "And Then I Did..."
by Jodie Borlé
C4 Records

Download "Independent In The Game" (mp3)
from "Boss' Life"
by JT The Bigga Figga
Get Low Digital

Download "Don't Ask Me" (mp3)
from "Boss' Life"
by Tangled Thoughts
Get Low Digital

Download "View Twenty-One" (mp3)
from "Illuminations (Several Views)"
by Kowald/Masaoka/Robair

Download "Complicated Life" (mp3)
from "Made in New Orleans: The Hurricane Sessions"
by Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Preservation Hall

Download "Lots Of Loving" (mp3)
from "Lots of Loving"
by Ranking Dread
Azra Music Publishing

Download "Ma Jolie" (mp3)
from "Allumé"
by Frank Et Ses Potes

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Download "Let's Ride" (mp3)
from "Let's Ride 12""
by DJ Alibi
Tres Records

Download "Love Me Like You Do" (mp3)
from "Attunement"
by Wingin' It


Download "Soldier Till The End" (mp3)
from "East Side Rydah Vol. 1"
by Eldorado Red
Liquor Barrel Management


Download "I Am Resistance" (mp3)
from "Louder Than Fiction"
by Rico Pabón
Hard Knock Records

Download "Half-A-Brik" (mp3)
from "Boss' Life"
by Boe Skaggz & Tae Natti
Get Low Digital

Download "Sweet Begonia" (mp3)
from "Introducing the FAB Trio"
by The Shook/Russo Trio
Summit Records

Download "Always Bless (feat. John Robinson)" (mp3)
from "Divine Designz #1.2: Re-Discovered"
by Floyd the Locsmif
High Wire Music

Download "Always Bless (feat. John Robinson)" (mp3)
from "Divine Designz #1.2: Re-Discovered"
by Floyd the Locsmif
High Wire Music

Download "With My Friends" (mp3)
from "Get Down - With My Friends"
by Aloe Blacc and Kero One
PLUG Label

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Download "Carnival" (mp3)
from "Cherokee Nation"
by Cryout
eSunset Records

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Download "I'll Walk Alone" (mp3)
from "Calligraffiti"
by Grand Analog
URBNET Communications Inc.

Download "Stage Show Don" (mp3)
from "UKStreetsounds Presents Lords Of The Underground Vol. 1"
by Ghetto

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Download "The Look Of Love" (mp3)
from "The Tony Evans Band Plays Hammersmith Palais"
by The Tony Evans Band
Tema International

almost seventeen years ago

Hey Dopefiend!

I\'m coming to you from the states, Georgia specifically. Wanted to say great show man, I loved the comparison of the 2 different types of Volcanos.

On an unrelated note, I wanted to run something by you. Where I am from, we don\'t use tobacco when we smoke blunts. It\'s just pure weed wrapped up in the leaf or whatever. Anyway, once the blunt is down to about an inch of weed left in it, it will be put out. Then they take the weed out of the blunt and put it aside. Next time they roll a new blunt, they will take that same weed and roll it back up.

Now it should be noted that they put the \"used\" weed at the same spot every time, in the back where you would normally inhale from. The theory here is that every time you roll up a new blunt, this \"used\" weed will gain more potency from the passing smoke continuously going through it.

By about 3 or 4 blunts, this weed is really quite disgusting. It is almost purely black in color, smells horrible, and any handling whatsoever of it will leave your fingers smelling like shit as well. Now I have tried this myself, but I honestly cannot say one way or another if I get extra high on this \"4th generation\" weed which some people I have been hanging out with tend to call it.

What do you think about this? Is it just another of the many stoner myths flying about? Or could this hold some credibility.

Anyway, love the show man! The dopecast network has an incredible lineup of shows and it can only get better from here. I\'ve only been listening for about 2 months now but I am fully caught up with all of the shows and I anxiously await each Monday for what I like to call real entertainment.

Keep up the excellent work and I hope to hear back from you!


almost seventeen years ago

I prefer RadioDread over Dub Side of the Moon, but they are both pretty awesome.

I was the person who sent in the RadioDread songs in a while back BTW. I completely forgot to send in a Dub Side of the Moon track.

Awesome show as ever man.