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Sep 24, 2007

On this week's Dopecast, the Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator continues to ignore the Cannabis News in favour of another huge stack of emails from you guys, and talks about Morning Glory seeds and how best to acheive results from them, Haarlem outside of Amsterdam and how it's a more relaxed atmosphere for Cannabis tourists, some advice on how to find the Hemp Hoodlamb jacket, some talk on the amazing lectures by David Presti on Drugs and the Brain, and how best to introduce a Cannabis virgin to our sacrament, a fantastic good-karma story about how Bryan got to use a Volcano for free, Son of Gonzo reports on his first ever Volcano bag, and the Dopefiend explains how to use the temperature control on the Volcano, some praise from a listener about using a hookah to smoke the herb, some excellent info about the rise and fall of the Swiss Cannabis scene and those "aromatherapy" pillows we've talked about before (see the links below), and a full explanation of why the podcasts are marked "Explicit", and finally an in-depth explanation of the Indian Cannabis scene from Tirikite Toker. Email, leave your comments, Skype my face, check out the Chatroom and don't forget to register at our brand new forum!

Check out Erowid before taking any substance with which you're not familiar:

The Nate and Di Morning Glory podcast is here:

To buy the Hemp Hoodlamb in the USA go here:

To buy the Hemp Hoodlamb in the rest of the world, go here:

David Presti's Drugs and the Brain lectures are here:

Pass A Fire, this week's featured artist, can be found here: or

The Dude sent us these two videos of a snow bong ( and blunt smoking (

MSL sent us these fascinating tidbits about Howard Marks's involvement in the Swiss aromatherapy pillow story: and

Playlist: Jephte Guillaume - Shining Your Way; Pumpkinhead - Authentic; Los Lonely Boys - Heaven; Cygnus X - Positron '03; Gary Primich - Pray for A Cloudy Day; Pass A Fire - Feel It ( Dogboy - Can't Buy Soul; Kicksville - Sansan; Underground Resistance - Base Camp Alpha 808; Ashtech - R.E.M.; Barrington Levy - Bounty Hunter; Boe Skaggz & Tae Natti - Half-A-Brik; Work - Fight Song; Scienz Of Life - Hood Stock (My People)

Jephte Guillaume presents AK
"Shining Your Way" (mp3)
from "Shining Your Way Part 2"
(King Street Sounds)

More On This Album

"Authentic" (mp3)
from "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn"
(Rawkus Records LLC)

More On This Album

Los Lonely Boys
"Heaven" (mp3)
from "Live At Blue Cat Blues - Dallas Texas"
(Blue Cat Blues Records)

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Cygnus X
"Positron '03" (mp3)
from "Collected Works"

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Gary Primich
"Pray For A Cloudy Day" (mp3)
from "Ridin' The Darkhorse"
(Electro-Fi Records)

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"Can't Buy Soul" (mp3)
from "Rebel Riddim"
(Suburban Noize Records)

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"Sansan" (mp3)
from "Enter The Flavor Hut"
(Ropeadope Digital)

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Underground Resistance
"Base Camp Alpha 808" (mp3)
from "Final Frontier"
(Underground Resistance)

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"R.E.M" (mp3)
from "Walkin' Target"
(Interchill Records)

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Barrington Levy
"Bounty Hunter" (mp3)
from "Bounty Hunter - Place Too Dark"
(Azra Music Publishing)

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Boe Skaggz & Tae Natti
"Half-A-Brik" (mp3)
from "Boss' Life"
(Get Low Digital)

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"Fight Song" (mp3)
from "Black Music"
(Origami Music)

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Scienz of Life
"Hood Stock" (mp3)
from "The Blaxploitation Sessions"
(Shaman Work)

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