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Aug 21, 2006

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week, The Dopefiend talks zombies, Beasters, Drug policing on European trains, "recycling" Cannabis vapour, and how to find Mail Order Marijuana suppliers. Plus, news of increasing drug testing in schools worldwide, the perils of making hash oil, and how MS sufferers could get free herbal relief.

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Youngblood Brass Band - Pala Minia; Nitin Sawhney - Prophesy; Galliano - Slack Hands; Max Romeo - Beardman; Brothers of Soul - Eyes of Love; Bomb the Bass - Bug Powder Dust(Kruder and Dorfmeister Mix); Kinema - Katia; Shpongle - Dorset Perception(Total Eclipse Remix)
almost fourteen years ago

runescape powerlevel,"Five infuriating!" Kung-sun baby

almost eighteen years ago

Thanks for the shout out, homie! long Live MOM !

almost eighteen years ago

Hi dopefiend,
I have an idea for a show. Have your own \"cannabis cup\" competition. Have non-commercial home growers send you a small amount of weed, then you get together with The Toker, Max Freakout and who ever else you can find and judge the entries. I know there would be some logistics to work out, like an address to send the samples to but I think you would have a whole lot of fun. The prize could be some kind of dopefiend honorary award. I think it would make a very entertaining show. What do you think df?
Keep up the great work and tell everyone that the Volcano is the way to go. By my reckoning it will pay for itself in 7-10 months because of its efficiency. I am using 50-70% less weed and the effect is much greater.