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May 31, 2020

Back every Sunday with a new Dopefiend Quarantined, the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcaster, the Dopefiend celebrates his first legal medical cannabis prescription and cracks open his first tub of UK-legal weed live in the Dope Den! How is the quality? How did he get it? All these questions are answered, as well as many more when special guest Julie Chiarello, Editor in Chief at SKUNK Magazine shares her vision for a purpose-driven cannabis industry and indeed planet, including why the fight is not over now that Cannabis is legal in Britain, who are the corporations profiting from the needs of medical patients and should we boycott them where possible, and are we really witnessing the death throes of the global capitalist system? Also joining the Dopefiend in quarantine this week are the Bagginsis, ScoobySnakks, J Hobbes, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole, Cannaya, Lorenzo Hagerty and Son of Gonzo who plays us out with "We All Get Like This". Email us at, tweet @dopefiend and follow us on Instagram @dopefiendquarantined

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