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Dopestock 2008

Mar 23, 2008

Doesn't a year go quickly?

Last April 20th we gathered a crew of dedicated stoners and cannabis podcasters for the first time in the Capital City of Cannabis, Amsterdam, for a day-long extravaganza of live shows, coffeeshops tours, and most importantly.... gourmet ganja!

This year, it's going to be bigger, better... and BUDDIER! So to make sure everyone's up to speed on what's going to be happening and where, here's the straight dope on Dopestock 2008!

April 19th 2008: jay_k's Bud Boat Pre-Party

Time: meet 11am for 12pm launch (trip ends at 2pm)
Place: meeting point will be downstairs at the Dolphins Coffeeshop, Kerkstraat 39
Bring: weed, rolling papers, pipe, lighter, munchies

Forum stalwart jay_k has organized a stoner-friendly boat trip around the canals of Amsterdam. Smoking cannabis is permitted on board the boat and there will also be an on board bar selling  Heineken (E2.10), soft drinks (E2) and wine (E17.50 a bottle). The boat trip itself will cost between E20-E30 depending on the number of passengers. Many forum members have already paid deposits and so space is quickly running out, post here if you want to get involved

April 20th 2008: Dopestock 2008 - The Daytime Session

Time: 12pm-5pm
Place: The Cannabis College, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124
Bring: weed, rolling papers, pipe, lighter, lunch, bottled drinks

The Cannabis College were our hosts last year and put on an amazing daytime session for us, with tours of the College's legendary garden and plenty of cups of tea for all the Dopefiend faithful. Join the Dopefiend, Max Freakout, Lefty, The Toker, Black Beauty, DoubleDoc, and a host of forum regulars and listeners from around the world for an afternoon of live podcasts, massive Volcano bags and great company! At 4.20 we'll celebrate the success of the second Dopestock event with a celebratory Volcano bag before heading off into the streets for the Coffeeshop tour.

April 20th 2008: Dopestock 2008 - The Coffeeshop Tour

Time: 5pm-7pm
Place: meeting point is the Cannabis College, Oudezijds Achterburgwal 124
Bring: map of Amsterdam, proof of age / ID, money

The Toker's tour was so successful last year that we've extended and expanded it and you're invited! What better way to familiarize yourself with the coffeeshop scene than by joining a crew of Cannabis experts as they take you round the best spots in the city to sample some award-winning weed? Following the tour we'll break for 2 hours to give everyone a chance to boost their flagging blood-sugar levels!

April 20th 2008: Dopestock 2008 -  The Evening Session

Time: 9pm-late
Place: The Dolphins Coffeeshop, Kerkstraat 39
Bring: money, pipe, lighter

We told you it'd be bigger and better, and here's why: for the Evening Session we've secured one of the most sought-after spots in Amserdam. With its comfortable sofa-style seats, built-in vaporizers, and excellent menu, the Dolphins is the ideal place for our Evening Session. Join the surviving Dopestockers as we while away the wee small hours with multiple vaporizer hits and plenty of good conversation. And don't forget to make plans to meet your new friends over the rest of your stay, cause you'll never find them again if you don't!

So that's it! If you haven't booked your flights or accommodation yet, get on it! Beds for the 4/20 weekend are going fast and we'd all love to see you!

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