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Feb 24, 2007

This week's Grow Guru Zandor delivers part 3 of growing KBS in a spare bed room.  You get a recap of the past shows to keep you up to date and this week you learn how its plumed and how the system works.  You can skype zandor direct now with his username for skype being simply "thegrowreport".  Zandor answers a few emails and even has a personal comentary about a new government attack on medical marijuana patients.  

News provided by ASA Americans for Safe Access

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Playlist: The Who: Who are You - Who Are You, No Road Romance, Empty Glass, Guitar and Pen, Love Is Coming Down, Who Are You- lost verse mix; A quick one - Run Run Run, Boris The Spider, I need You, Whiskey Man, Heatwave, Cobwebs And Strange, Don't Look Away, See My way, Sam About Us, A quick one While He's away, Batman, Bucket T, Barbara Ann, Disguise, Doctor Doctor.