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Oct 29, 2012

This week on Lefty's Lounge, I feature Comedy from Tom Segura, Mike Judge, Tony Camin, Bert Kreischer, Arj Barker & Louis C.K.. Follow me on Twitter @prof_lefty, Email me at, Message me on Facebook,leave your comments on the Forum.

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Blowin' In The Wind; Weeds Clip - Blah-blah-blah; Foo Fighters - End Over End; Tom Segura - Angry Midgets; Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Another Great Idea; Dub FX - Made; Mike Judge - boomhower's philosophy; Telepopmusik - Stop Running Away; Tony Camin - Cats Are Funny; Pink Floyd - Not Now John; Budgie - Napoleon Bona Part One & Two; Bert Kreischer - Let's talk about Drugs; Patti Smith - The Boy in the Bubble; Arj Barker - This Just In; Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes; Louis C.K. - Cell Phones And Flying; Lemon Jelly - '64 (aka Go)