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May 31, 2007

Joining Lefty in the Lounge this week for comedy, music, and chat are Lefty's friend Billy who tells us all about Cannabis tourism destination: Negril, Jamaica and, all the way from Australia, Black Beauty drops in for some general stoner conversation. Comedy this week includes the late great Bill Hicks, as well as Joe Rogan and National Lampoon. Email, Skype prof_lefty, leave your comments, and check out the Chatroom and Forum.

Song List: Crack the Code - 311; Pot, Jet packs & peace in the middle east; A passage to Bangkok - Rush; Ganja Seed - Kongo; Hey now now - Michael Franti & Spearhead ; Legalise it - Peter Tosh; Places named after numbers - Frank Black; Another way marijuana can kill - National Lampoon Comedians; Forever & a Day - Ian Brown; Drugs have done good things - Bill Hicks; Yellow Submarine - The Beatles; War on Drugs - Professor X & Kongo; Life's been good - Joe Walsh; Weed to the rescue - Vic Chesnutt; I just wanna' see - Smash Mouth; Show me the way - Peter Frampton; Said she was a dancer - Jethro Tull; Day at the beach - Joe Satriani; So help me - Raging Slab