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Feb 6, 2019

This week, on this final episode of Lefty's Lounge, I feature Comedy from Doug Benson, DT in D.C.,Burt Kreischer, Ari Shaffir, Mitch Hedberg and Schmoyoho. Follow me on Twitter @prof_lefty, Email me at or Message me on Facebook.

The Blue Van - Lay me down & Die; OPM - Heaven is a half pipe; The Beautiful South - Old red eyes is back; Floyd's Funk Revival - The Wagon Song; Marijuana Genious; Michael Franti - Ganja Babe; Doug Benson - Bag Lover; Sammy Hagar - The Yogi's So High; 911 - I Need a Bambulance!; 311 - Creatures; The Dandy Warhols - All the money or the simple life honey; DT in DC - Weed plug-in; Trick Turner - Friends & Family; Frandz Ferdinand - Ulysses; Dubnamite - Marijuana; Alexi Murdoch - Breath; Bert Kreischer - 12 Words; E.L.O. - Showdown; Kashmir - The Cynic; Ari Shaffir - Don't be that guy; Brownsville Station - Martian Boogie; Budgie - Napoleon Bona part 1 & 2; Mitch Hedberg - Sesame Seeds; Tim Christensen - Jump the Gun; Songify Rick & Morty - Mr. Poopybutthole