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Feb 26, 2011

The romance is still alive as I celebrate having spent a full year with my mistress, Mangled Meditations. On this show you will hear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something else.  So, by all means, take a hit of something, or several and ponder what the hell is going on as you hear Musical Palsey's thirteenth 39 minute podcast of Mangled Meditations: The one year anniversary of Me and my show.

Playlist and/or credits of borrowed items +/-
Snoopy Come Home – Do You Remember Me?; Me's Dog; Anne Lloyd, The Sandpipers, Mitch Miller and orchestra – Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf; Simms Taback and Tom Capin – There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly;
Me's Son and friends; Inspector Gadget; Halloween Hoedown; It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown; Static; Droopy Dog; Eurythmics - Ministry of love; young David Justin Blair and family; Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone FIEND; The Tubes - White Punks on DOPE; Me; Pepe; Pop the Balloon game at Chuck E. Cheese; Talk to Your Plants; H.N.A.S./Mieses Gegonge – Winterbauch; Big Country – In a Big Country; Vintage Pornographic Film Soundtrack;  David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtones; Fred McDonald; Sugar Cubes - Birthday; Beastie Boys – Sabotage; Dragon's Lair; Big Dave; A glass of water; Frank Crumit - Frankie and Johnny; Some jazz group I can't remember; Radio Sounds in Garage Band; Drunken Campers; Zest Commercial; OK Soda Spokesman; The Carpenters – Heather; Taito – Elevator Action; Grateful Dead – Box of Rain; Dick Solomon from 3rd Rock From the Sun;  Elevator Action (Commodore 64 version); and various ambient sounds and sound effects libraries.

Special Thanks to:
Me's Son and Wife for their involvement and patience, Pepe for winning the grand prize of 50 tickets on 'Pop the Balloon', and Big Dave for his help out of the corner I painted myself into and for his didgeridoings.

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, questions, or sound clips you would like to hear in a future show, please send them to Me (

Me and My Show