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Feb 27, 2010

Mangled Meditations a new show that falls under the classification of... uh... I guess 'weird' would be a good adjective. I have been experimenting with music and soundscapes for as long as I can recall. I formed a solo project back in 1993 and called my work Musical Palsey. I quickly recorded 4 albums and sold a few at a local record shop. Mangled Meditations is the radio show I have always wanted to do and had even made one episode back in 1994. Once I got married, the project drifted from me and aside from the occasional experimenting, it sat silently until December of 2009 when I breathed life back into Musical Palsey for the Dopetribe Community. Mangled Meditations is intended as a monthly journey for ears and the mind. The first episode is actually the third one ever made, but the best one to start with. In it, you will hear the sublime meet the surreal, happiness follows anger, Ok soda saves the day at one point, and Cheech and Chong meditate with you during the course of the dream. Take a hit of something, or several and ponder what the hell is going on as you hear Musical Palsey's first 39 minute podcast: Mangled Meditations.

Playlist and/or credits of borrowed items

+/- Intro: (The Tubes - White Punks on DOPE; Eric B. & Rakim - Microphone FIEND; Jamie Kennedy - Circle Circle DOT Dot; Black Sabbath - Children of the SEA; Keri Noble - Ooh OH; New Boys – DOT Com; Rolling Stones – YOU Can't Always Get What You Want; April Wine – If You See KAY; Toy Box – Toy Box Pictures PRESENTS; Barry White – You're THE First, the Last, My Everything; Disney – FOLLOWING the Leader; Coburn – We Interrupt this PROGRAMME); Konami - Frogger; Henry Mancini - What's Happening Theme; young David Justin Blair and family; Muppets – Mannah Mannah Song; Mission Hills Church Spokesman; War – Low Rider; Queen – Another one Bites the Dust; Hugh Masekala – U'Dwi; Getz/Gilberto – Girl From Ipanema; Corey Delaney and interviewer; Annie Lenox – 1984 Clip; Snoopy Come Home – Do You Remember Me?; Grateful Dead – Box of Rain; Dick Solomon from 3rd Rock From the Sun; Taito – Elevator Action; Vinyl Imperfections; Drunken Campers; Me's Son; Nintendo – Donkey Kong; Sound Effects Vol 1.; Don Bloom and Friends; Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon; Mary MacGregor – Good Friend; Me; OK Soda Spokesman and OK Soda Coincidence; Wings – Band On the Run; Zest Commercial; Carpenters – I Can't Make Music; Cheech and Chong – Up In Smoke Clip; Pretenders – I go to sleep; Zero 7 – Truth and Rights

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, questions, or sound clips you would like to hear in a future show, send them to Me (