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Jul 31, 2010

I might very well have been home sick from school when I first learned the word 'Fritatta' as I watched a public television cooking show assemble one. The chef took leftover spaghetti and sausage and whipped in some eggs and diced vegetables and created a some sort of alien pancake with it. That's more or less what I have done here. Leftover pieces in my dish are from the first five episodes of Mangled Meditations. Unfinished segments, unused sections, and pieces long forgotten are peppered with new directions, fresh samples, and bold inspirations. At the center of the Frittata, is a sound collage that shortly preceded a tragic event in my life which I remember escaping from with the creation of Musical Palsey. This piece, “Summer of 93”, has been deboned, sectioned, and reconstructed to form the second half of the show. “Summer of 93” was sent on cassette to the Metamundane Initiative, who created an album called "I'm Cutting My Looly Teeth – The Wrist Cocked, Ready to Strike" which was one of the driving forces behind my first Musical Palsey album. Metamundane Initiative responded to “Summer of 93” with some interesting recordings of their own and this is also dolloped on top of the whole fried, baked, and cleverly plated dish: Musical Palsey's Frittata. So, Take a hit of something, or several and ponder what the hell is going on as you digest Musical Palsey's sixth 43 minute episode of Mangled Meditations.

Playlist and/or credits of borrowed items +/-
Skate Rock, austinwolf, Fox 5 – WNYW, McGruff the Crime Dog, Eric West, Me's Aunt, Galactic – Hamp's Hump, Queer Ninja, Looney Tunes, Prink Froyd – Communist Cut, Ovaltine, Schaefer Pale Dry Beer, Paul Williams – Out in the Country, A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario, My Little Pony, We Like Polka Music, Zorba's Dance – Mouskouri, Por Una Cabeza – Gardel, Shinzen Young, Eric Clapton – Heaven, Begin the Beguine - ?, Jerkoff Jeff, Teflon Commercial, Ram Dass, Mel Brooks, Wings of Desire, Steve Martin, Thai Folk Music, Beatles – Got to Get You Into My Life, 'Summer of 93' Response by the Metamundane Initiative, Bananarama – Cruel Summer, The Ice Cream Truck Song, Pepe's Acoustic Jazz, and various AM and FM radio clips, cuts, and smears.

Thanks to the following for their support and suggestions:
Mistress Anonymous, Zombie Boy, Onefry, austinwolf, Lefty, Blank Steve, Big Dave, and of course, Pepe.

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, questions, or sound clips you would like to hear in a future show, send them to Me (