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Oct 28, 2010

Meet Dr Martin Ball & tune into some Icaro music & Aussie Hip Hop - hosted by IoliteKnight!

On this month’s Bungalow episode 38 chillax with IoliteKnight and some great Aussie hip-hop featuring Aussie band, Bliss N Esso.

We have a field report from Amsterdam thanks to Pecos the Cat, a couple of a great comedy clips Vince Noir style and part one of a three part interview with Dr Martin Ball PhD as he shares his first experiences with mind altering substances. Also we have a fantastic world music session with Tirikite Toker as we vape up, joining in the global Icaro of Ayahuasca music.

Following that, we have a clip that will make Zandor’s head rotate 360 degrees and the anti-Christ even drops into the Bungalow!  We’ll also have the latest on Australian drug reform and Prop 19. Also, big thanks to PipBoy for the eye-catching ‘Prop 19’ podcast artwork for this episode!

I must thank BB for the opportunity to get involved in the bungalow and my guests Martin Ball & Tirikite Toker love you guys!  You can follow me on Twitter or have a chat on skype just look for ioliteknight.

Our 40th episode is fast approaching and we are now taking requests for your favourite highlights from the past Bungalows – email your suggestions or requests to or find BB on Skype at BlackBeauty1977 or on Twitter at BlackBeauty.  We also love receiving your emails, product reviews, trip reports, voicemails, comedy or music that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.  Every little bit you send helps out with putting these shows together for you, on the last Thursday of each and every month!

Bliss N Eso

Martin Ball


Michael Pollen

Judas Priest

World Music thread hosted by Tirikite Toker (post your requests here)

Or email in your requests to


TirikiteToker’s World Music Playlist:

Stephen Micus - Twilight Fields Part 1
Juan Flores – Icaro
Didjeridu Only By Djawida - Songs From the Northern Territory
Crystal Voices - Echoes of Angels - The Harmonic Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls
Padrinho Alfredo Gregorio de Melo - O Cruzeirinho
Cesar Panduro - Icaro for Tranquility
Russell Hibbs - Oh to Simply Bee

P l a y l i s t : Comedy clip: The Crack Fox - The Mighty Boosh; Family Affair – Bliss N Eso; Flying High in the City – Bliss N Eso; assorted tracks from the album “Infinite Horizons” – Martin Ball; Where the Wild Things Are – Bliss N Eso; Comedy Clip: Bouncy Bouncy – The Mighty Boosh; Accept – Fast as a Shark; Clip: Cannabis Forgetting and the Botany of Desire – Michael Pollen; United – Judas Priest.

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