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Jun 25, 2006

In the finale to the podcast series that gives you free weed, Mr Bud talks about the national and international political misdirection that is censoring rational thought in constructed police states, gets into heavy genetic stabilisation stuff about strains of weed, the loneliness of the home grower and gives advice about light levels and encouraging flowering. Mr Bud We Salute You! email


Grow advice:
Pure Blend Pro Veg:
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Liquid Karma:
Illuminated microscope:
over fourteen years ago

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over eighteen years ago

WHOA! dude, this is insane! I hope you will come back whenever this paranoia blows over...

Mr Elvin
over eighteen years ago

Yeah hold your horses, I thought it was gonna be 8 episodes long. With the late posting of the podcast and your departure i\'m left wondering when what blows over? Miss you man