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Jun 21, 2013

Coverage of the Dopefiend's 2013 coast to coast USA odyssey begins here with a three way conversation between DF, Olga, and KMO about New York City. Dopefiend's initial impressions are certainly psychedelic. He experiences for the first time a sensation that he produces in Dopetribe members in his travels; namely that of being intimately familiar with someone's voice and hearing that voice coming out of the mouth of a person he does not recognize. On his first night in NYC, the trio crept through Times Square in KMO's vintage Ford Ranger, and Dopefiend describes the déjà vu of arriving in NYC for the first time and recognizing things he'd only ever seen in movies and on TV.
In the second segment, KMO interviews Chononita, a gringo ayahuascero he met in Peru in 2008. Chononita is bringing the medicine to people around the world in a perpetual couch surfing tour. Is ayahuasca a spiritual dalliance for the elite? Might it be spreading more effectively by appealing to white people with money and lawyers rather than to the underclasses who are more vulnerable to the brutal drug war apparatus? KMO asks to smell a bit of the brew in the hopes of stirring up vivid memories and gets more than he intended. Music by East Forest.