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Nov 30, 2007

This fortnight's episode of psychonautica is beamed live from the Dolphins coffeeshop in Amsterdam, and features a 3-way conversation between Max Freakout, The Seeker and Ravi. First Max reads out an LSD trip report from Dopey J, then the trio discuss 'crisis' experiences, the new Blairwitch spinoff movie 'shroom', LSD doses, psychedelic and psycholytic psychotherapy, safety issues of tripping in public environments, the role of music as a tool in combination with psychedelics, Neurolinguistic programming, and other techniqes for overcoming addictions, the relevance of addiction to problems of self-control and egodeath theory, isolation/floatation tanks and their potential for combination with psychedelics, ketamine, dissociation, sensory deprivation and the womb-regression experience. Following some herbal refreshments the trio return to talk about the idea of a paradigm shift, the authenticity of taking entheogens in contrast with other spiritual practises, and evolutionary advantages to plants which contain psychoactive chemicals.   Email leave comments, Skype us, and join the ever-growing Psychedelic community hanging out at the forum.

Playlist: Omnimotion - Elastic crystals in motion; Hydraulic - Vindaloo

sixteen and a half years ago

Max, this is getting tiring...You just can\'t see how meditation or yoga could lead to some sort of psychedelic experience, yet you admit to not having the patience to even try. And you\'re really hung up on it. It\'s like being absolutely certain Citizen Kane is a shite film, but you\'ve only seen the first five minutes and won\'t watch the rest.

Besides, you\'re assuming people who meditate or do yoga are doing it in order to achieve the same sort of experience YOU get when you trip. Their psychological experience may be a kind of psychedelic experience, but not the same as your mushroom or salvia experience, and for different purposes.

A person disciplines himself, attains a kind of breakthrough -- call it psychedelic, ego death, enlightenment -- and reaches a place where he can sit down and through meditation reach that same sense nearly immediately. No need to take anything, wait for the effects, and deal with any post-trip effects. Sounds pretty damn ergonomic to me, if one has the discipline and patience to work to that point.

sixteen and a half years ago

Sorry, not to bang away at this, but I thought of an analogy that might better represent this disparity between entheogens and yoga/mediation:

Say you have a nail that needs to be pounded into some wood. You can push it through with your hand eventually, but it\'ll be painful. So you find a rock. That\'s much more ergonomic, fast, and functional. It does the job. But if you had the patience and discipline, you might forge a hammer. Sure, it\'ll take longer, but when you\'re done, you have a hammer, and not a rock, and the hammer is much more ergonomic in the long run, and more useful as a ready tool.

But I still think they\'re for different purposes and ends, entheogens and meditation.