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Mar 21, 2008

This fortnight's installment of Psychonautica is a conversation between Max Freakout and Floydhead. They talk about Floydhead's recent mushroom trip in amsterdam on the 'Mckennai' strain involving deep introspection, contemplating suicide, brief unconsciousness and physical injury in a coffeeshop, the Amsterdam smartshop scene, and Central Amsterdam as the setting for a mushroom trip, using vitamin C to lower the effect of mushrooms, the attempt by the dutch governement to prohibit mushrooms and the general conservative trend in Holland, the potency of different species of mushroom, mushrooms as 'food for thought'. Also Floydhead recounts his recent salvia trip to the 'kingdom of faces' at the dopeden, and they then talk about reverse tolerance of salvia, inner conflict and scizophrenia, synergies between drugs including weed and mushrooms, and the unreliability of DMT compared to salvia. Email, and join the community of friendly psychonauts at


Playlist: Dudley Perkins - Sally; Pink floyd - Up the Khyber

over sixteen years ago

Hey Max, I really enjoyed this weeks show! That conversation was extremely entertaining. I love how excited you both sounded.

I could talk about mushrooms all day long. :D

Keep up the great work!