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May 23, 2008

This week's episode of psychonautica is the first part of a two-part podcast primarily about ayahuasca ceremonies, featuring Peacekeeper and Max Freakout, recorded in the Greenhouse coffeeshop, Amsterdam. They talk about the varieties of ayahuasca ceremonies, variations between different traditions in light-levels, the importance of music to the experience, they ayahuacsa snake, methods of coping with nausea, purging and other physical effects, effect of adding Datura to the brew, Salvia divinorum, the idea of ego and controllership, Alan Watt's on ego, stepping back from ego on psychedelics, passive experiencing, dissociation and ego death, science and spirituality, psychedelic epistemology. Email, and join the community of friendly psychonauts at

Playlist: Peacekeeper - any connection; Peacekeeper - we could wake each other up

almost sixteen years ago

very informative talk. I\\\'m anxious to try ayahuasca for the first time soon. Probably in Peru with a shaman.

I very much liked the song starting at 44:50. Is it \\\"Peacekeeper - we could wake each other up\\\" mentioned below the summary? I would like to buy it or download it in higher bitrate, is it available somewhere? I searched the web and came up empty handed...
Could you point me in the right direction?

almost sixteen years ago

The conversation sounds like it was recorded underwater.....a bit hard to make out, shame.

Equinox, the peacekeeper
almost sixteen years ago

Nice talk ;). The underwater-recording ends around five minutes into our conversation, we reach the surface...
Robotcarnival, you won\'t find that song on the web yet, I\'m working on my record and will put everything on the internet when it\'ll be finished. If you want this song unmixed I can send it to you if you wish.
Max F. Nice job! and thanks for the lovely conversation. A find it a little hard the first half hour to listen to my own unarranged thoughts, but it get\'s smoother after a while.
Lots of light and hopefully see you around!