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May 30, 2008

This week's episode of psychonautica contains the second part of the conversation between Max Freakout and the Peacekeeper, they talk about the apparent 'instant omniscience' experienced on nitrous oxide, Peacekeeper's experience of channeling mathematical formulae whilst on mushrooms, retaining information from psychedelic experiences, willfully relinquishing control, madness and the 'shamanic smile', Peacekeeper's 'present' from the DMT elves, DMT and alien abduction, oxygen as the drug of life, Stanislav Grof's theories about birth trauma, unwanted psychedelic revelations, alienation, meditations on breathing, the shaman's role as trip guide, different sizes of ayahasca ceremony, the qualifications of a shaman, pharmahuasca, synthetic and natural drugs,Western attitudes to shamanic cultures, modern Western spirituality, spiritual bookshops, gradual self-improvement vs rapid breakthrough/transformation, yoga and its combination with psychedelics, temporal lobe epilepsy and mystical experiences, combining psychedelic experiences with study of philosophy, Vipassana retreats, silencing the inner voice and anti-drugs attitudes in modern spiritual practises such as Vipassana. Email, and hang out with friendly psychonauts at

Playlist: Peacekeeper - brotherly love; Peacekeeper - queen of silence