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Oct 31, 2008

In this week's installment of psychonautica, Max Freakout first mentions the new podcast from Jan Irvin of pharmacratic inquisition, and then reads out a listener comment about Western attitudes towards psychosis contrasted with shamanic attitudes. Next, Max plays the second installment of the 2 part panel discussion from the World psychedelic forum started in episode 56, called 'Everything you always wanted to know about psychedelics, a conversation between experts and users', featuring Rick Doblin, Dennis Mckenna, Dale Pendell and Kathleen Harrison. They discuss the chemical composition of Kratom, potential problems of using Kratom extracts, the analgesic properties of Salvia Divinorum, determining the toxicity of drugs, laboratory testing of drugs on animals, avoiding fear on psychedelic trips, being open to the psychedelic experience, mixing LSD with LSD to assist in openness, why bad trips should not be avoided, being convinced that you are dying/going crazy on a trip, keeping energy moving on a trip, getting headaches after a trip, the importance of keeping your body hydrated, using cannabis alongside psychedelics, the importance of diet before a trip, remembering psychedelic experiences afterwards, stating your intention before embarking on a trip, different varieties of ayahuasca session, and the balance of masculine and feminine energies. Email and join the growing community of friendly psychonauts hanging out at

Playlist: DJ Shadow - monosylabik

Web links: Jan Irvin's podcast webpage -