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Jan 16, 2009

In this week's episode of psychonautica, Max Freakout talks about 3 new psychedelic podcasts, shamanic freedom radio with Opaquelense and his interview with Rupert Sheldrake, Jan Irvin's interview with Stanislav Grof on his Gnostic media podcast, and the new podcast from the 2 zillion year old hippie. Next, Max reads out and comments on an email from Jamin about Fly Agaric mushrooms and their inconclusive psychoactive effects, and also historical use of psychoactive plants, witchcraft and its connection with Henbane, concentrated Amanita mushroom extracts, the psychoactive origins of Mead, Pilsner beer and coca cola, the modern obsession with alcohol and demonisation of all other drugs and the action of different drugs on the brain. Max then talks about a recent addition to Michael Hoffman's ego death yahoo group, a review of D.C Hillman's new book 'the chemical muse' about drug use in ancient Greece, and following a musical break Max talks about a recent article added to erowid about historical evidence of ancient Tantric and Buddhist use of Datura and cannabis and the ongoing debates about this subject and the old meaning of the word 'wine'. Finally Max reads out an email from Teajunky about the initiatory properties of DMT trips, and some refinements to the Marsofold tek for extracting DMT from Mimosa hostilis. Email Max at, and join the growing community of friendly psychonauts hanging out at

playlist: Cannibal Ox feat. Rob Swift - Cosmos; Easy Star allstars - Great dub in the sky

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