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Jul 24, 2009

In this episode of psychonautica, Max Freakout plays the second part of a day-long seminar by Stanislav Grof, from the world psychedelic forum, entitled 'psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey'. Grof talks about perinatal matrices and sexual arousal, sadomasochistic themes in the perinatal matrices, biological forces and hindrances in the birth process, damage to the fetus during birth, Freud's understanding of the birth experience as a prototype of fear and anxiety, the dispute between Freud and Rank over perinatal experience, Rank's idea of 'paradise to poverty', relation of anxiety to narrowness, the importance of working with the mother during pregnancy, traning medical professionals to deal with birth, a comparison of Grof's work to scientology, differences between psychoanalytic schools, psychological defenses during therapy sessions, the start of anatomical independance of the child, the experiential phenomenology of the perinatal matrices, mythological motifs in the death/rebirth experience, toxic chemical experiences in the bad womb, visions of octopuses and snakes, the experience of psychotic patients, the dark night of the soul, hell and demonic torture, depression as a stage of mental development, the philosophy of Sartre and perinatal experience, Sartre's bad trip on mescaline, the experience of hellish hopelessness and permanent psychosis, enacting the birth trauma in sadomasochistic scenes, themes of blasphemy, encounters with urine and faeces during birth and ego death and rebirth. Afterwards, Max plays a recording of a Salvia Divinorum trip from smoking frog, and talks about precuations when using Salvia. Email and hang out with the friendly psychonauts at

Playlist: Sangeet Mishra, Taro Terahara and Shen Flindell - Raga Charukeshi Alap