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Jun 21, 2020

Back every Sunday with the show that gathers cannabis users from across the world for zoom-based deep dives into the hottest issues of the moment, the Dopefiend introduces the fourteenth Dopefiend Quarantined featuring Skizz, Scottobaggins, Green Lady, Scoobysnakks, and Esse B in London, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole in Halmstead, Trickster in Denmark, J Hobbes in Warsaw and Syconot in California for an investigation into the Q Anon conspiracy theory: how did it begin, who is behind it, where does it lead and how will it end? Plus: Gremlin of Ganja informs us about the recent explosion of Karens and how to identify them. Contact us at, tweet @dopefiend and follow our Instagram @DopefiendQuarantined.

Gremlin's top 3 Karens:

Karen Apocalypse:

Work out Karen:

Arizona Karen with the Yams: