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Feb 20, 2009

Time Is A River

“Time is a river, old man river. It meanders and slows down and speeds up, on it's way through the universe. The river of time may have whirlpools. It may fork into two separate rivers. In which case time travel may be possible.” - Michio Kaku

1> Fire Of The Oracle – Suvarna
2> Ohm (Featuring Gema and Miroslav Duval) – Adham Shaikh
3> Lyra – Tripswitch
4> Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix – OTT Remix) – L.S.D
5> UFO Over Trenchtown – Eat Static
6> The Garden – Adham Shaikh
7> Ribbon On a Branch – Younger Brother
8> The Last Lighthouse Keeper – Transit Kings
9> What You Fear and What You Hear - Lee Curtis Connection
10> Longing - Craig Pruess & Deepa Nair

Princess Yoko
over fifteen years ago

Hey secretive ninja man!! I had no idea you were posting again, hehehe! I\'m tripping here just listening to your proramme... Much peace and fluffy vibes to you! :-)

over fifteen years ago

so chill so nice so fluffy

Thank You Nija!!!!

over fifteen years ago

These are some great tracks!!!

old toby
over fifteen years ago

I love the lighthouse keeper song... tragic yet inspirational. We should all have the courage to follow our calling.

Thanks Ninja.