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Jul 5, 2020

Back every Sunday with a new Dopefiend Quarantined, the Dopefiend is joined this week by Scottobaggins and Green Lady and the Gremlin of Ganja, all from London, by Teenage Pie in Halmstead, J Hobbes in Poznan, Lorenzo Hagerty in San Diego County, and Hudsonrulez in Toronto for a wide ranging round table stoney chat about whether cannabis protects stoners from the worst of Coronavirus, where the UK and the US stand right now in terms of the pandemic, a Karen update from Gremlin leading into a discussion about abolition of the police and whether it's even possible, the polarized political status qup and whether a kind of anarchistic centrism is the way out of it, what role the internet has to play in the various fights for equality, whether we can ever overcome the human drive for self destruction, and the new wave of Uk raves! Email us at, tweet us @dopefiend and follow us on Instagram @dopefiendquarantined

Gremlin's Karens - Guns charges Karen - Covid young Karen - Berry Picking Karen - New Jersey Karen