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Feb 2, 2007

StoryTime with Lefty is a collection of (true) short stories taken from the misspent youth of an American Pothead (Lefty). In this episode of Jackanory with Joints, Lefty gears up for 4/20 with some Amsterdam tales, drops in a couple of listener stories, and unveils the tale of Wanda and the Carrot Pipe. Email, leave a comment, submit your tales at or via Skype, and come chat with us in the chatroom.

Playlist: Just Dropped In - Kenny Rogers & The 5th Dimension ; Don't Stop me now - Queen; Freedom in Your Eyes - Phillip Foxman; Little Mary Sunshine - Cast of Reefer Madness; Don't Stay Home - 311;
Slipstream - Jethro Tull; Good is Bad - Headrillaz (feat. Ricky Barrow); We're an American Band - Grand Funk Railroad; Diamond - Klint; The Teacher (Mission Impossible Mix) - Jethro Tull; Stop Running Away - Telepopmusik; The Last Rose of Summer - Judas Priest; Motorcycle (significance of the pickle) song - Arlo Guthrie; Lunchlady Land - Adam Sandler; What's Up? - 4 NonBlonds; Ghost of Corporate Future - Regina Spektor

over seventeen years ago

hey lefty i was going to leave you a voice coment but it\'s broke are something but eny way at the begining of this school year me and some frends of myself walked to walmart befor school witch is across the street from my school then walked to to some apartments next to the school and toked befor school then as we were heading back a teacher was driving throught the parking lot and drove over to us she asked us what we were doing and my frend lets call him E point to me and says we were comeing from my house and the teacher knows my parents so he know where i live and he takes us to the ofice they checked my pockets and stuff and i\'m suprised they dident call the cops becaus we all looked blown we all told the same story and all i got was lunch detention i went into the bath room and started balling lafing it was the funnyest thing that has ver happend to me o well i thought you would like it love tha show