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Mar 29, 2007

 Our Chieftain of Chill Queerninja has been called away at the last minute on a shamanic emergency, but fear not! The Hans Christian Andersen of Cannabis has stepped into the breach with an early release of this eleventh episode, which celebrates the success of our new series Psychonautica with a crazy trip report from Lefty himself, washed down with a stack of great listener submissions. Send you stories or comments in to, leave a comment or a skype, and if you're coming to Amsterdam, start thinking about your stories now!

Playlist: Steve Miller - Fly Like an Eagle; Pink Floyd - Brain Damage; Pink Floyd - Eclipse; Yes - Wondrous Stories; Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced; Yes - Tempus Fugit; The Supervillains - Resin; Golgo Bordello - Dogs were Barking; The Seeds - Mr. Farmer; The Supervillains - Mary Jane & Jagermeister ; The Stranglers - Golden Brown; The Kinks - Ape-Man; Uriah Heep - Traveler in Time; Pink Floyd - Echoes (partial); Dengue Fever - One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula; Steve Miller Band - Winter Time; Blue Oyster Cult - O.D.'d on Life

over seventeen years ago


over seventeen years ago


how about doing a weekly show, i love the show and i always look forward to hearing new material