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Oct 22, 2007

This weeks Grow Report, Zandor & Mrs.Z start out with an update on naming our Mascot.  Then they get into a deep political discussion over the single email they have for this week; and guess who is long winded and opinionated? You will learn how to build your own cool tube out of an the Pyrex Bake-A-Round with parts from the hardware store.  Our ethnobotanical King, Sir. Llamabox brings us another outstanding segment; this time on Northern Cactus care.  Mrs.Z brings more news the medical Marijuana and Medical Information for the week ending October 21, 2007.  And, you can hang around after the show and hear “What Zandor Thinks? and His “Words of Wisdom? also by Zandor.  All this week on; “The Grow Report 54?! Email,, leave your comments, check out the chatroom and stop by our forum

sixteen and a half years ago

Helpful HINT :First grow tip at 38:19

enough is enough. WTF? Save that sh@t for the end like B4 if you need to bla bla bla. I\\\'m really sick of it. Were aware your doing this show on your time but that is no excuse for what I just sat through.

I\\\'m voting for (and have been) Ron Paul but, not during your show. understand?