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Apr 26, 2007

With the great Queerninja still absent, the Dopefiend once again takes to the Chair of Peace and whacks on a few tunes sent in by listeners, some even created by listeners, and on brand new track to finish it all off, all the while telling a few of the unheard stories from Dopestock 2007. Email, leave a comment, check out the forum and the Chatroom.

Playlist: Monoxide - Blaze; Amon Tobin - Always; Chris Oliver - Humpty Dumpty's Toes; Nalu - No Life; Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read feat. Anecdote and Justice - The Heist; MSTRKRFT - Easy Love

Download "The Heist" (mp3)
from "Interview With A Madman"
by Mark 'Chopper' Read
Rott'n Records