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Jul 20, 2006

This weeks show channels it's sonic powers to re-charge the depleted chakras of an overworked generation.  Enjoy some of the tunes I used to boost my happiness this week, and take me from feeling blue to feeling new.  Also, check out PostSecret as featured in the show.  Email the show: , leave a comment and Skyperama man!
Santa Maria - Gotan Project; I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Royskopp Remix) - Kings Of Convenience; ABC - The Pipettes; Happiness Runs -, Me; I Chase The Devil - Max Romeo & The Upsetters; Pteranodon (Hallucinogen Remix) - Ozric Tentacles; Speak In Sympathy - Solar Stone; Big Rock Candy Mountain - Harry McLintock.

Jake Davis (ringo)
almost eighteen years ago

Oh my god, that macaroni story had my fucking rolling. There should be more stories in the Dopefiend network.

almost eighteen years ago

for similar stuff like the pippettes check out the dance hall crashers! girly pop/ska/punk band. quite similar to that ABC song you played.
keep it real for now sonny
take care!

p.s- keep up the fat freddys drop.