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Nov 23, 2007

Some sad news this week guys, and on the bright side, a selection of my favourite uplifting and dreamy world beats.  Much love to all, and please get your emails and Skype in for a very special and moving show next time.  Also, the lovely Blazing Glory shares some time with us in a round-up of some Chatroom/Skype action, gives some good news, and tells us of a mushroom hunt :)   Email: Skype: queerninja, check out The Forum, and attach your love to hot-air balloons and send them over to me!

Playlist: Vakna - Svenska Akademien; Koupes - Shantel; When You're Falling - Afro Celt Sound System; Street Dance - Baka Beyond; Vulindlela - Brenda Fassie; La Vie A 2 - Manu Chao; Iron Galaxy - Cannibal Ox; Nepali Music Magazine - Genetic Drugs; Male Lover (Jindimahi) - Genetic Drugs; Smoked Glass & Chrome - Blumenkraft; Codo - Dof.

Bruno Vargas
sixteen and a half years ago

this is an amazing show, Queer ninja, I would do almost anything to keep you around, you\'ve enriched my music likes so much and along with the Dopefiend encouraged me to start my own podcast... Is there a way we could stop these from being the last two shows? :( Please dont go

sixteen and a half years ago

Thanks so much guys, I very much appreciate the love. Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for WWWeed, but I will still be lurking around the place!
Much Love,

sixteen and a half years ago

I\'m sure I speak for most people.

We would be willing to pay for a weekly show. If that helps to entice you. Seriously. Just something to think about.

I almost want to save these last 2 episodes. I can\'t bring myself to listen to the end of the this one.

Not upset, I just feel a little empty inside.

Please reconsider.