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Dec 4, 2009

Back for a resurection special! Bathe in some beautiful songs, and love from listeners all over the world :)

Miracle - Baaba Maal; Good Cannabis - Queen Omega; Boy With The Arab Strap - Belle & Sebastien; I'm Not A Robot - Marina and the Diamonds; C'est Moi - Rupa & The April Fishes; Elasticated Master Peace - Zeep; Going Down - Freddie King; Oregano - The Chicharones; One Love/People Get Ready - Bob Marley; El Microfino - Mexican Institute of Sound; Repatriation - Dubmatrix; One Come We feat. Prince I (chillout ambient) - Shinjuku Zulu

Beautiful artwork for this show, courtesy of the lovely HappySnail :)

fourteen and a half years ago

QN I just LUV your music selections and always find a new artist to add to my collections.
C\'est Moi by Rupa and the fishes is my fav this show. Reminds me of one I\'d like to share w/ you. Emily Loizeau - \'Je Suis Jalouse\'.
Thanks much QN!!

Francois Tke Dizzle
fourteen and a half years ago

YAAQ!! Das NinjA`! is Back SOWWW!! this is when i smoke a bowl of kief and remenice in the times of the summer 2007 when SOWWW was my mainstay of chill and smoking time relaxation. there was this area in the woods of PA where my friends and myself would every week bring a little mp3 player and listen to that chill accent and stoned laughter and chillax with my homies on a blunt of terrible weed but you made it an amazing experience.. keep it coming a groovy my cipher brother... theres a joint just for ya ! lol PASS DAT SHIT BACK THOUGH keep em high n dont come down not to much to see.. im bouncing to the first track right now. probably will forget to post a post show comment but SOWWW!! Speaks for itself DAS NINJA a loud Whattup! from the PA(USA) Cipher

Francois Toke Dizzle
fourteen and a half years ago

By god please monetize your site with some ads we wont mind its only right..