Scooby rolls a Scooby Doobie to chat with Teenage Pie & Tim Prince.

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We hear from Chemdank & Vince Noir in the first instalment of the Get High grow segment. Audio submission from Jon from Canada. 

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A brief look at The Dynavap Vapcap with The Pot King plus eMails from Canada, Shaggy Darklord, Crimson Impaler & Chemdank.


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The Giant & The Pot King join a selection of Dopetribers for a Christmas Day vape-up....with added pipes.


No tags, it's Christmas!

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Nez and his friend Darth Vapour visit Teenage Towers and are joined by The Pot King And The Giant for a stone-up!



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Danjabis talks Rosin and other things and we visit the Pot King. 

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Shroom hunting with The Giant and part of a hemp talk by Rebekah Shaman at Product Earth 2015.


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Greg de-Hoedt, Stuart Harper & Chris from UKCSC lecture from Product Earth. Email from Brian Kerr.



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A short interview with Hempen from Product Earth 2016 and the second part of Nick & Vince's audio submission.



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O.pen VAPE talk from Product Earth 2016 with an eMail from Chemdank.


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