BB's Bungalow 28

BB's Bungalow - Episode 28
Christmas Downunder at the Bungalow

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings to everyone out there and tune in to this month's Bungalow to chill out amongst all the madness of the silly season.

This show we’ll be hearing lots of special Christmas messages from members of The Dopefiend network and The Grow Report members.  We'll also be listening to some unique holiday music, comedy and clips about Christmas and mushrooms and lots of other interesting facts which many may not even know about Christmas! 

If you would like to send in your comments or be involved in a future show then drop me a line to; find me on Skype at BlackBeauty1977; and on Twitter at BlackBeauty. 

We love receiving your emails, reviews, trip reports, voicemails, comedy and music tracks that you would like to hear on the Bungalow.

You’ve also probably noticed more of a shroomy focus in recent episodes and in fact, I would love to have more shroomy goodness on the Bungalow in 2010 so to do that, I’ll need you to send in your trip reports.  No matter how long ago they happened you’d be surprised how something you described from a past trip could help someone in the future.  Or perhaps you have yet to try psychedelics and have some questions about a future trip.  So if you have some trip stories to share with others, then write in and let us know at or send me a Private Message on The Grow Report forums.


Chantal Mitvalsky

Hope Street Recordings

Psychedelic Christmas - Noah23

Santa was a Mushroom

Magic mushrooms & Reindeer - Weird Nature - BBC animals

The Pharmacratic Inquisition

If We Believed - A Holiday Greeting from Lon Milo Duquette

Marijuana Christmas - Jet Baker

Chocolate Strings

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P l a y l i s t :  A friend or foe - Chantal Mitvalsky; Carol of the Buds - The Cannabis Chorus; Oh Chronic Tree - Afroman; Psychedelic Christmas - Noah23; Santa was a Mushroom - DebEspace; Excerpt from Magic mushrooms & Reindeer - Weird Nature, BBC Animals; Excerpt from The Hidden Mysteries of Christmas Unveiled - The Pharmacratic Inquisition; If We Believed - A Holiday Greeting from Lon Milo Duquette; Jet Baker - Marijuana Christmas; Blood on the Drums - Chocolate Strings.

Gather your sesh buddies for a vape out or smoke out at BB's Bungalow and remember you can join me on the last Thursday of every month for a new episode of the Bungalow on 

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DopeTribe Dispatches 04 On the second of this year's whole series of incredible DopeTribe Dispatches shows put together by the supremely talented listeners to the Podcast Network, we begin with Lift, reading his special holiday themed short story, "The Grinch Who Stole Cannabis" to the DopeTribe. Next, DopeTriber Chester Cheeba tells a true story about the stupidest thing he's ever done while stoned, Mental Mike introduces one of his favourite phone pranks, Xylexia presents some true facts about cannabis that every stoner should know, and Brizban tells a story from his high school daze entitled "the red-eye round-up".

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Psychonautica082 In the Christmas day special episode of Psychonautica, Max Freakout plays the final installment of Stanislav Grof's seminar 'Psychospiritual death and rebirth, a visionary journey' from the World Psychedelic forum. Grof talks about Einstein's astrological transits and how they correspond to different parts of his scientific career, the importance in astrology of knowing your time of birth accurately, how to construct and interpret a natal chart, how to identify archetypal energies that affect your life from an astrological chart, the meaning of planetary and lunar transits, the eliptical orbit of Pluto, the astrological charts of famous people, the role of non-ordinary states and astrology in the future of psychiatry, the importance of correct diagnosis in medicine for appropriate treatment, the controversial nature of psychiatric diagnosis, psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia and natural kinds, differing opinions among psychiatrists about the correct choice of treatment to use in a given situation, changes in psychiatric diagnosis between subsequent editions of the DSM, diagnosis of hysteria in Freud's time compared to now, the recent epidemic of multiple-personality disorder, the implications of multiple personality and dissociation for the mind/body problem, the different perspectives of Jung and Freud, and their relation to their astrological charts, different kinds of therapists attracting different kinds of patient, the lack of clearly defined diagnostic categories and universal opinions within psychiatry, a joke about behaviourists having sex, the extreme importance of the death/rebirth experience for the spiritual life of humanity, the occurence of the theme in shamanism and rites of passage, the theme of death and rebirth in world religion and mythology, the conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus about the second birth, the theme of the twice-born in Hinduism, the use of perinatal themes in political propaganda, George  Bush's religiosity, the reduction of personal freedoms during the cold war and war on terror, and how to get started training in holotropic breathwork techniques. Afterwards, Max plays a short comedy sketch from Dave Chappelle talking about living with a crack-addict landlord, taking drugs in old-age, weed as a 'background substance' and Chappelle's trip to the barber on mushrooms. A very happy Christmas to everyone, email Max at, and hang out with the friendly psychonauts at

Playlist: Krill - projektor
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DopecastChristmas2009 This Christmas Morning, the Dopefiend returns to send his Christmas message to the Stoner Nation, with the help of Entheo-pundit Max Freakout, Visionary Artists Podcaster, author and DopeTriber Alexander Beiner aka Ostritt, and santa's elves Squidgy Sid and G13. Settling down in the Dope Den for an early morning session, the Dopefiend starts by unveiling his current stash which features many superstars of the Cannabis world, then selecting the twelve strains of Christmas which are going to bring joy to the DopeTribe on this festive day. Turning to Squidgy Sid while filling a bag of Arjan's Haze, the Dopefiend talks about the momentous past year and the many DopeTribe highlights of the last twelve months, with honourable mentions for the Big Chill, now under threat from the corporate stewardship of Festival Republic, Ostritt's first visit to Burning Man, and how Nitrous Oxide enhanced both expeditions. Refilling the trusty Volcano Digit with some Jack Herer for the next round, the DopeTribers talk about the best ways to vape or smoke hash, and whether the iolite might be too much of a good thing for many stoners, the loss of memory associated with heavy cannabis use, and what is the optimum temperature for vaporization. Throwing a Northern Lights/New York City Diesel cross into the mix, and almost interrupted by the threat of one of Sid's notorious whiteys, the Dopefiend turns to Alexander Beiner to talk about his 2009, the success of the brand new Visionary Artists Podcast, and what constitutes Visionary Art, with some talk about James Cameron's new psychedelic masterpiece Avatar. The conversation then turns to the subject of "coming out" as a user of mind-altering substances and how it affects working life, and whether the balance of power will ever shift in favour of the freaks, with Max Freakout joining in to give his perspective from higher education, and Squidgy Sid also commenting. Following a wild interruption from G13, and a fresh bag of Grapefruit, the DopeTribe are beginning to show considerable confusion about the range of strains on display, and the Dopefiend turns to a rousing musical interlude for calming purposes. Suitably calmed, the Dopefiend fires up the iolite portable vaporizer with some Nebula while the Volcano takes on New York City Diesel, and the gathered DopeTribers talk about mushrooms and LSD and the best way to store both, before moving on to more philosophical climes with a conversation about whether consciousness exists beyond death while sampling some KC Haze Special in the Volcano, and testing out the iolite's new hash-oriented ultra-fine gauze herb chamber with some Juicy Fruit bubblehash. Piling on some G13 x Sweet Haze, the tribe discuss differing attitudes to cannabis use in different countries around the globe, and the various run-ins with law enforcement experienced by those in attendance. Next on the menu, Homegrown Fantasy Cheese almost annihilates G13, then Bubblegum and Master Kush complete the twleve strains of Christmas as the stoners talk about their plans for Christmas Day and Max Freakout's new grow operation. Email, send us a voicemail, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night (46bliss Remix); Okkervil River - Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas; Lloyd Seivright - Mary's Boy Child; Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Winter Wonderland Reggae; Joe Williams - Jingle Bells (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix); the Cimarons - Silent Night and White Christmas; Håkan Lidbo - Christmas in Utopia; Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Silver Bells; Honey Boy - Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells; Winston Groovy - Merry Christmas; Tennesse Brown and the Silvertones - Jingle Bells; Nikashra - Joy to the World; Munchener Freiheit - Keeping The Dream Alive; The Aggrovators - Christmas Medley; Tennessee Brown and the Silvertones - Little Drummer Boy; Dobby Dobson - White Christmas; Jackie Edwards - Christmas Medley Part 1; Boris Gardiner - The Meaning Of Christmas; Lee Perry and Sandra Robinson- Merry Christmas Happy New Year; Wain Nelson - Santa Claus; The Gable School Choir - Reggae Christmas; John Holt - I Believe In Father Christmas; The Heavy Beat Crew - Have A Merry Christmas; Jackie Edwards - Christmas Medley Part 2

Podcast Image: The Twelve Strains of Christmas Smorgasbord. Submit your pics here:
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DopeTribe Dispatches 03 On the first of this year's bumper crop of fantastic DopeTribe Dispatches shows put together by the outrageously talented and creative members of the DopeTribe around the world, we kick of the festivities by joining the great psychedelic podfather himself, Lorenzo of the psychedelic salon, as he reads a special Christmas story of the birth of the saviour of mankind: lysergic acid diethalamide. Next, DopeTriber thegivingtree gives a seasonal treat to the DopeTribe with his version of the Dopefiend's Christmas morning featuring Queerninja, John Sinclair and the rest of the DopeTribe, then Brownirish puts on some reggae, fires up the vaporizer and chats about his life as a catholic stoner and expectant father whose wife is against cannabis use, Niall brings the Dopetribe his herb-inspired take on The Night Before Christmas to put you in a suitably festive mood, and finally Happy:Snail sends her christmas greetings and presents an interview with a san-diego based dispensary operator about the legal status of medical marijuana in san diego, then talks to the creator of the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer.

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Snow is the best!

I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown
Hard Swing Travellin Man - Brenda Boykin
Sunday Shining - Finley Quaye
5 Years Time (Sun Sun Sun) - Noah and the Whale
In Spite of Ourselves - John Prine and Iris DeMent
Everybody Move It - Teddy Thompson
Our House - CSNY
Utopia - Goldfrapp
Karmacoma - Massive Attack
Glory Box - Portishead
Nothing Is Something Worth Doing - Shpongle
Good Sensimilia - Abja
Feeling Good - Nina the Godess :)

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Lefty's Lounge 67

This week on a special "Lefty's Christmas Lounge", I feature a selection of some of my favorite Christmas Music and Comedy from Guy Groves, Brandon Vestal, David Landau, James MKesay, Cheech and Chong , Bob And Doug McKenzie & Fred and Adam. Hang out with other listeners in the Virtual Vapor Lounge. Email me at, leave your comments below or on the Forum.

Bob Segar - Sock it to me Santa; Billy Squire - Christmas is the time to say I love you; Bob And Doug McKenzie - Twelve Days Of Christmas; Elton John - Step Into Christmas; Guy Groves - Jagermeister Christmas; The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping; Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo; Porky Pig - Blue Christmas; George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Rock and Roll Christmas; Brandon Vestal - Crappy Gifts; The Kinks - Father Christmas; David Landau - BB Gun for Christmas; Spinal Tap - Christmas With The Devil; Bob Rivers - I Am Santa Claus; Cheech and Chong - Santa Claus; Cannabis Chorus - Carol of the Buds Radio Edit; James MKesay - Christmas Comedy Gala; Jon Bon jovi - I wish everyday could be like Christmas; Emerson, Lake & Palmer - I believe in Father Christmas; Fred and Adam - 12 Days of Christmas; Chuck Berry - Merry Christmas Baby

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VAP002 In the second episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we delve into the world of visionary music. Our guest is Capsula, one of the pioneers of the Psybiance genre. We discuss his creative process, the history of psychedelic trance and touch on the role of sacred frequencies in the future of music. Featuring two tracks from his new album, Sense of a Drop, this episode is packed full of beautiful tunes and musical thought. Before and after the interview we examine the difference between the Sublime and the Beautiful and discuss how aesthetic theories can be applied to visionary art. We finish with a poem and a recording of some flute music played by your host.

More information on Capsula's music can be found on his Myspace page:

To purchase 'Sense of a Drop' and listen to some samples visit:

For more information on Beyond the Basin visit

Playlist: Boards of Canada - Music is Math; Capsula - The 9; Capsula - Mundi; Nujabes - Mystline

Podcast image supplied by Pete21

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Dopecast203 On the last episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast before Christmas, the Dopefiend talks about why female stoners might be the key to securing legalization, KBud emails to tell of his first experience with weed, the Dopefiend talks about conspiracy theories, and Mike emails about his forthcoming stoner documentary. Next, the Dopefiend heads into the VaporLounge to fire up his iolite portable vaporizer with some fresh and tasty Jack Herer, to chat about the finery of the strain and the vaporizer, and to draw this week's winning entry in our competition to win a brand new iolite vaporizer. Then, after telling the Dopetribe how they can take their last chance to win their very own iolite vaporizer, we hear some homegrown music from Dopetriber Mockmoon. Back to the emails, and the Dopefiend talks about how to be a social stoner when you're a stoner lightweight, the controversial subject of cannabis tea, and we hear from grower and medical user JealousGreen about how he gets the most from his herb. In this week's Cannabis News, a new study backs up Cannabis's application as a remedy for MS spasticity, a Canadian buyer's club gets busted for turning legal weed into illegal cookies, the Canadian Senate alter anti-grower bill C-15 to target big-time gangs instead of homegrowers, A grower given a government crisis loan after his release from jail, uses it to set up another grow op, and a prisoner convinces the guards his ganja is a tomato plant! Email, send us a voicemail, and check out the forum.

Download this episode here:

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You can read the article "Stiletto Stoners" from Marie Claire here:

And its follow up on AlterNet here:

You can check out SpaceHamsta's site at

For info on Mike's movie "An Inconvenient Spoof: the Hypocrisy of Cannabis Prohibition" here:

Check out this week's featured musician, Mockmoon at

Playlist:  Daniel Schell & Karo - Costumi Bianchi; Ciro Perrino - Acqua di Lago; Surprise Jazz - Instrumental Merengue; Techung - Snow Lion of Peace; Håkan Lidbo - Christmas in Utopia; Ombudsman - To My Hideoot; Mockmoon - The Great White Open; The Peggy Lee Band - Floating Island; Yussi - Helvetica Dusk (Feat. Yussi on Ernesto Caro 6-String Classical Gtr.); Pocket, Mark Burgess - A Force of Nature (Kites With Lights  Remix) [feat. Mark Burgess]; Panda Transport - Cicadas In Stereo (original version); Jonathan Emile - Everything You Want

Podcast Image by always on probation. Submit your pics here:

Daniel Schell & Karo
"Costumi Bianchi" (mp3)
from "Gira Girasole"
(Materiali Sonori)

More On This Album

Ciro Perrino
"Acqua di Lago" (mp3)
from "Moon In The Water"
(Joyful Records)

More On This Album

Surprise Jazz
"Instrumental Merengue" (mp3)
from "Alan Lomax in Haiti"
(Harte Recordings)

More On This Album

"Snow Lion of Peace" (mp3)
from "Dalai Lama Renaissance - Original Soundtrack"
(White Swan Records)

More On This Album

HÃ¥kan Lidbo
"Christmas in Utopia" (mp3)
from "Jul PÃ¥ Techno - 9 Swedish Christmas Anthems"
(Clubstream Mix)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
"To My Hideoot" (mp3)
from "And His Father Was a Great Machine"

More On This Album

The Peggy Lee Band
"Floating Island" (mp3)
from "New Code"
(Drip Audio)

More On This Album

"Helvetica Dusk (Feat. Yussi on Ernesto Caro 6-String Classical Gtr.)" (mp3)
from "Velvet Rebel"
(X DOT 25)

More On This Album

Pocket, Mark Burgess
"A Force of Nature (Kites With Lights Remix) [feat. Mark Burgess]" (mp3)
from "A Force of Nature (feat. Mark Burgess)"
(24 Hour Service Station)

More On This Album

Jonathan Emile
"Everything You Want" (mp3)
from "The Lover / Fighter Document"
(Bongo Beat Records)

More On This Album

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GrowReport90 Wow…Believe or not Zandor & Mrs.Z have a new show.
Zandor has finished up his projects & is still not feeling his best but he still plays catch up with everyone.

Mrs.Z has the news you need to know to stay informed and Zandor…Well let’s just say Politics with passion is an understatement this week.

Why not catch up with your favorite grow team and down load Show 90 today?
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