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Jun 30, 2015

Hyde Park conversations with Matty B, Orson, Penn Chan and more plus Halmstead communications......etc Cannabis, weed, vaping, smoking, hash, growing, psychedelics, plant meds, LED's, the law, edibles, THC, CBD, hashy bongs, badgers....

Jun 15, 2015

4/19 Hyde Park Speakers (inc' UKCSC, NORML UK, Feed the Birds etc...) plus a tasting session with Yosser Hughes & Mrs Moles MS magmt....tags: cannabis, MS, drug laws, cannabis social clubs, growing, hydro, bongs, hash, vaporisers, healing herbs

Jun 1, 2015

4/19 with Dopefiend, Hatchy, Penn Chan and many more with an intro including Nez.

Cannabis, extractions, 4/20, hash, vaps, blasting, bho, medibles, dabs, Dopetribe,