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May 24, 2024

Pi is joined by Duv on a late night transatlantic Zoom up for Halmstead Havresack XIII


Discord: https://discord.ggvVQKUsxBvw

Mar 22, 2024

Mrs Mole is back and joins Pi LIVE from Halmstead to sample Billy G’s second pigeon in as many shows. A ‘mutant’ of the Kosher Kush strain. 



Feb 21, 2024

Part II of a ramble through Billy G’s imaginary stoner (smell proof obviously) travel bag. 


Jan 26, 2024

A sackful of O.G dopetriber Billy G as he we extract the craic from his ‘sack! PtI 



Nov 24, 2023

Swampy and some Magic Trichs.