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Sep 30, 2006

This week Zandor educates you on Ebb & flow growing technique, Answers email questions from listeners, and even gets chastises too.  Zandor gives A shout out to a friend who recently was busted and thanks another for his act of kindness and last but not least another segment of legends myths and hippy tales this...

Sep 29, 2006

StoryTime with Lefty is a collection of (true) short stories taken from the misspent youth of an American Pothead (Lefty). In today's StoryTime, the Hans Christian Andersen of the Cannabis Community presents another collection of stories from around the world, featuring one by a very special guest! Email

Sep 28, 2006

Wheazy!  Some shimmering gemstones of tunes this week, spanning the decades and the galaxies with sounds of beauty!  Check out the misty tree pic on the MP3 art man, looked like the mothership was coming back for me!  Chuck me emails before the sun ignites the earth as it devours the solar system,

Sep 25, 2006

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week: The Dopefiend talks more about Video Nasties, A cheap vaporizer recommendation and more on the Crapir Vapormatic. He also brings news of the US Government's viral war on drugs, via YouTube, and Howard Marks' and Willie Nelson's recent run-ins with the law.

Sep 23, 2006

On this week's Grow Report,'s Grow Guru, Zandor,  answers listener questions, including one about the difference between Indica and Sativa strains, talks about picking a male with the "scratch and sniff" method, begins his guide to dirt farming, and closes with the story of how he got the name...