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Oct 25, 2021

Were back! After a lovely summer break and grow resident grower Matt Hudson is back into the fold with another episode. In this episode we explore how cannabis is marketed in grow nation. Why this differs from what's happening in the United States. I'll also be talking about my most recent harvest. Follow our grow...

Oct 20, 2021

Sampling Magic Trichs’ pigeon with The Pot King, Pacco Seeds and Mrs Mole followed by a foraging yomp with Mrs Mole and Stoned Henge.

IG: teenage3.14pie


Oct 1, 2021

The Green Fingered Mackam is lured to Halmstead under false pretences to record his Halmstead Havresack and ends up being forced (at vape point) to be the victim of an ADHD and pandemic triggered mental health themed info dumping session. Blessed be the listeners :) 

IG teenage3.14pie

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